Barry season 3, episode 4 recap – “all the sauces”

May 16, 2022
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“All the sauces” is full of bold choices and whip-smart dark comedy.

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“All the sauces” is full of bold choices and whip-smart dark comedy.

This recap of HBO’s Barry season 3, episode 4, contains spoilers.

Fuches may act and seem like a loser, but when he puts his mind to it, he can be a smooth-talking salesman. He puts that Chechen fable into action. How? By notifying the family of Barry’s first kill on the show. Remember that middle-aged, bald, white man Barry was standing over in the hotel in the pilot? In “all the sauces,” we see that man a few minutes before taking that bullet to the forehead. He informs him of how their son pitched during his baseball game. They tell each other they love you and will see him tomorrow, the end of his business trip. As he lays in bed and begins to pull the covers over himself, Barry tells him goodbye on his way. We see the man lying, dead, with a bullet in his forehead.

Years later, we see the same woman, looking older with a not so graceful flock of grey hair. Fuches knocks at the door and asks to come inside. He has done his homework. He tells them that just because the police could not find the killer doesn’t mean he can’t offer justice. The mother asks him to leave, but the son, who gave up an entire ride to Michigan to stay home with his mom, follows him out. Fuches turns to him and says he knows who killed his father.

And he can tell him.

Fuches moves on to Ryan Madison’s father. He tells him that Barry told the police it was the Chechen mob who killed Ryan, and now he is living his son’s dream as an actor. Fuches gives him Barry’s address.

Let’s talk about Gene for a second. He left the set of Laws of Humanity, desperately returning to his home and packing his bags. After slapping the s**t out of Barry, he is now worried about his and his family’s life. Yet, his performance was so good that the producers wanted him back and will add some lines. Still, Gene ignores his agent. All he wants is new luggage to escape town. Gene runs into Joe Mantegna, who has a restraining order on him but wants to live it with his work with the vets. The producer on LOH told Variety Gene saved Barry’s life by teaching him acting.

Barry takes No Ho Hank on his offer to do a hit for him. But Hank wants him not only to take out Fernando but his entire crew (except for Cristobal, of course). He takes their incredibly dangerous bomb that is not placed correctly in the box but keeps making noises and random phrases that get louder by the minute. Barry pulls up to the Bolivian’s hideout at Cristobal’s. He pays the little girls selling lemonade to leave immediately and places it under the house. Except when Barry tries to blow the house up with the app Hank gave him, it does not detonate because his phone is not connecting to the Bluetooth.

In a hilarious scene, Barry calls the IT team of the app. She is fully aware they are helping him detonate a bomb. While Barry is on the phone waiting, Fernando confronts Cristobal and tells him he knows about his love nest with Hank. Either Cristobal kills him in front of his father-in-law, or he dies. Hank’s lover tells him he will have to kill him. “Well, must be true love then,” Fernando replies.

That’s right, Fernando. It is. It really is.

Cristobal runs for it, and that is when Barry turns off the wifi. The house blows up, and Barry’s car windows are shattered, but Cristobal made it out alive and is walking down the street in shock. Barry then drives away to collect his payment from Hank. He shows up at Gene’s house. He apologizes for taking Gene hostage and gives him the money. He tells Gene the money is for him to give to his son and grandson. And after tonight, he will never see him again. He then thanks him for everything. Gene decides to say in Los Angeles.

The ending

Sally’s premiere goes smashingly. She takes the red carpet, tells the media what she is wearing, and everyone loves her performance and the show, including the ever-important Rotten Tomatoes. The embargo has lifted, and the show has a 98%! Her presentation to the crowd afterward turns into an almost awards speech, and she is all over the place with her excitement.

When Sally and her co-star leave, the young actress pulls Sally aside and tells her that she is dating a violent man. Sally is taken aback by this. At first, she defends Barry, but then she takes it in. When Barry shows up late, and after everyone has gone, Sally does something I didn’t think the show would ever do.

Sally dumps Barry.

The last scene shows the mother and son from the beginning of the episode buying a Glock so they can shoot Barry and bring themselves peace.

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