Barry season 3, episode 6 recap – ‘710N”

By Marc Miller
Published: May 30, 2022
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HBO Barry season 3, episode 6


“710” is the best episode of Barry since “ronny/lily.”

This recap of HBO’s Barry season 3, episode 6, contains spoilers.

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Barry season 3, episode 6 recap

Fuches ends with a gunshot in his chest when he tells the tale of Barry refusing to allow Taylor to put a hot tub on top of a hill where a major drug organization lands planes in and out delivering product. Taylor’s family doesn’t care much for Fuches or Taylor, so they want to ensure what they are about to do is not repeated. But we know Fuches. He is a survivor. He ends up on another goat farm with friendly people who nurse him back to health.

Albert finally realizes Barry is the only one around town which is highly skilled enough to pull off the bombing at Cristobal’s home. (This insistence by the police chief that the man behind it, called “The Raven,” is a hilarious running gag). Albert’s hunch leads him to Sharon, Chris’s widow. They catch up and laugh about how Barry has become an actor. When Sharon’s son enters the room, Albert looks on his face, which makes me think he may be up to something, and it could be off the books. After he leaves, Sharon decides to invite many veterans, including Barry, over for a dinner party. Barry, who has hit rock bottom, is in desperate need of his good company.

Gene is offered a job for, at minimum, $400,000, a streaming show that is the equivalent of that Masterclass services, where he teaches students the profession and unlocks their motivations. They want to not only stream it but put it in movie theatres. (This must be one of those Fathom Event types deals). Gene jumps on it but wants to offer a role to Annie Eisner, the woman he screwed over and has to be a potential new love interest for Gene. To make amends, he offers her the entire profit margin and his salary. Another character development is for Sally, who takes a writing job after Joplin’s cancellation, on a show called, “New Medusas,” and yes, it is the same show that replaced her on the streaming homepage.

But now it’s all about Barry outrunning Taylor’s family. In what might be the best scene since Barry avoided Ronny’s ferocious kicks while Celine Dion played over the supermarket speaker system, Barry outruns five assassins on dirt bikes all over a good stretch of Los Angeles. From a city street to a major, bumper to bumper highway, and avoiding being killed in an automobile sales parking lot, Barry manages to avoid the firing squad with hilarious luck and common sense.

One of them runs into Barry and ends up in the back seat through his front windshield. In a hilarious scene, one of them tries to end Barry with a machine gun from a van. When they somehow miss our guy, he tries to toss the massive gun to one of them while driving the bike at 100mph. In a movie, they would have caught it with one hand and chased Barry down the off-ramp. Here? No, the guy promptly loses control of his bike and goes flying. The last one tries to shoot Barry from the roof of Kleintops Used Cars, but someone with a license to carry a firearm takes them out, the owner who mutters, “Not Today,” allowing Barry to leave for Sharon’s.

The ending

As we said, Barry escapes the assassination attempt that went on for several miles and minutes. He ends up at Sharon’s house for dinner. Barry, however, is the first one there. He takes a sip of water and a big bite of food. Which he needed after what he just went through. He then sees Fuches’ card on the table. Barry feels sick and looks over at Sharon.

He asks, “What did you put in the sauce?”

“Die you mother f****r!” Sharon replies.

Barry then beings to foam at the mouth and falls out of his chair.

*I would like to note, after watching the episode over, I did not see Barry dip the beignet in any sauce. My guess is that Sharon already had her own and there is cream, or as Barry calls it, “sauce” in them.

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