Who Killed Sara? season 3, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 18, 2022
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Netflix Who Killed Sara? season 3, episode 7 - What Did You Do, Sara? - the ending explained


The finale is fast-paced but conclusive, which is all the audience needs.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 3, episode 7, “What Did You Do, Sara?” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Is Sara dead? That’s the remaining important question in this series, as the writers do well to provide a conclusive story.

Who Killed Sara? season 3, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

Episode 7 opens up with an experiment videotape archived by The Medusa Project. They are interviewing Sara in it. She’s asked to describe her family. Further scenes show the experiments she had to endure. She explains how much she loves her brother and her mother. Sara wants to leave The Medusa Center and start a happy family. It’s clear that Sara was routinely abused; she never had the chance to have an everyday life, bringing a sad tone to the finale.

In the present day, Tonya tells Alex the truth about Sara, and she wants to know what he’s going to do now. But Alex continues to keep her tied up. He then drives off, leaving Rodolfo and Elisa behind, and heads to the Medusa Center.

At The Medusa Center, Chema is still going through the experiments. Reinaldo asks Chema if he’s feeling pleasure from the gay sex videos. Chema claims he’s no longer attracted to men. Reinaldo tells him he can help, but Chema claims only Alex can help. Reinaldo brings in a naked woman for him to have sex with.

When Alex reaches the Medusa Center, he immediately starts his assault using a rifle, bringing down a few security guards. Elisa and Rodolfo eventually join him. They head inside, tie people up, and ask about the whereabouts of Reinaldo. Alex asks Rodolfo to look after Elisa as he scours the facility alone.

The alarms go off at the facility as Alex starts the second phase of his mission. Meanwhile, flashbacks show Reinaldo running towards Sara, who’s stabbed herself with a knife in the corridor. Meanwhile, Marifer dies on her hospital bed.

Eventually, Alex finds Reinaldo, who tries to shoot him. He tells Alex that if he kills him, he’ll never know the truth about Sara. But the gunfight continues anyway, and Alex shoots him in the leg. Meanwhile, Lucia escapes her room. Flashbacks show that Sara refused to be experimented on any further by Reinaldo, which is why she stabbed herself.

In the present, Alex is reunited with Chema and Daniela. He tells Chema and Daniela to go without him as he isn’t finished yet. He continues to track down Reinaldo. Lucia, Chema, and Daniela are reunited with Elisa and Rodolfo. Cesar shows up too. As Daniela expresses her frustration that there’s nothing to cure in this facility, one of the security guards frees themselves.

Alex finds Reinaldo hiding in a room. Flashbacks show that Tonya told Alex that Sara is dead after she couldn’t handle the experiments; she revealed she had killed herself. In the present, Reinaldo tells Alex that Sara was very valuable to him. He said he did everything for the sake of science, and Sara made a great contribution. Alex tells Reinaldo that he screwed up his life before torturing him with his own experiment, electrocuting his brain without gel on the equipment. He fries his brain until he dies. Afterward, Cesar tells Alex to keep the money he stole, and he wants him to share it with his children.

Meanwhile, the security guard that freed himself shoots Rodolfo, but then Cesar shows up and shoots the man in the head. Rodolfo dies, but he sees Lucia before his last breath. He calls her Sara. Another tragedy in the story.

The ending

The ending of the series ties up loose ends to make the story conclusive.

The police arrive at the Medusa Center and arrest Cesar. He tells the officers that he’s solely responsible and that he murdered Abel Martinez and Reinaldo. He’s doing everything he can to make up for what he did to Alex and his family. Cesar is sentenced to 40 years in prison for his crimes. He’ll die in prison. As he’s escorted away, Cesar tells Alex that he’s proud of him. He looks at his children, knowing that he’s doing the right thing. He asks Alex to take care of his daughter Elisa. Flashbacks show that Cesar has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Mariana now works at a monastery, cleaning for the nuns. She keeps seeing visions of her family, filled with regret. She is still physically hurting herself. She’s now in her own hell, which she deserves.

As the episode ends, Alex visits Sara’s grave, but he’s happy with Elisa by his side. Lucia has also joined the family. The ending scene shows Lucia, Elisa, Chema, and Alex walking together. Their past behind them. Their future is ahead of them.

The finale is fast-paced but conclusive, which is all the audience needs.

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