Under Her Control Review – who has the control?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 31, 2022 (Last updated: March 26, 2023)


What starts as a sleek and sexy drama turns into a Stockholm syndrome nightmare in the end. The third act has everything come to fruition, and we get to see a little more of what Beatriz is capable of.

This review of the Netflix film Under Her Control does not contain spoilers.

Netflix’s Under Her Control is about an ambitious fashion employee named Sofía (Cumelen Sanz), who becomes pregnant without wanting to. Her boss, Beatriz (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), whom Sofía admires, comes to her with an unusual proposal: let her adopt her child, and in exchange, she can continue her career. Beatriz is a woman who has everything under control, especially being the CEO of her fashion line. She has been doing this for years, and she knows what it takes to make it in the industry.

Under Her Control Review and Plot Summary

We see a woman who has worked hard for her current position and can now live her life how she wants. On the other hand, Sofía is an opportunist, she doesn’t know what she wants, but she knows how she can advance herself. This leads to a whirlwind of issues between Beatriz and Sofía.

In the beginning, we see that Sofía is eager to learn and will do anything for Beatriz the second she goes to the interview. We see that Sofía is happy with her boyfriend Nacho, and her new job with Beatriz. She adds her input at work and she is pleasantly surprised with how well her life is going. Until she finds out she’s pregnant.

Sofía is conflicted about what she must do next. Does she have the baby and balance her dream job? Does she give the baby up for adoption? Does she plan on having an abortion? All of this floats around in her mind and she tries to keep her composure at work. However, when she hears another woman talking about how hard it is to work and be a single mother, she has a breakdown and Beatriz witnesses it. Sofía tells her the circumstance and Beatriz swears to be there for her.

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Throughout the film, their relationship feels a bit odd. There is too much tension between them to not have it be more than a platonic relationship. Maybe that’s how Beatriz wanted to lure her into her world of fashion. It just didn’t feel right considering where the story goes. Beatriz then suggests that she will adopt Sofía’s baby for her.

However, things are not that simple. No one can know that she’s pregnant, especially her boyfriend. It is also illegal for someone to just give the baby to someone else without filing it through the system. So Beatriz suggests that Sofía lives with her until the baby comes and in return, she will give her financial stability, and have her as a partner in the company.

Sounds like smooth sailing, but Sofía’s hormones get the best of her. She is stuck in the house and she finds out that she is being watched by Beatriz. Little situations snowball into bigger issues and the two of them have a power struggle before the baby is due. Beatriz loses her control over Sofía and ultimately loses herself in the end.

Is the 2022 movie Under Her Control good?

What starts as a sleek and sexy drama, turns into a Stockholm syndrome nightmare in the end. Beatriz is too controlling and wants everything to go right in her life, so she even controlled Sofía’s pregnancy. Once Sofía finds out some alarming things about Beatriz while she’s home on her own, she starts to detach from the boss she thought she knew.

The third act has everything come to fruition and we get to see a little more of what Beatriz is capable of. The power shifts and we see two very different women figure out how they’re going to move forward after this pregnancy. Once the trust is broken, Sofía and Beatriz both start to spiral. Their dynamic was interesting to watch and that ending is very surprising. People want something so desperately that they will do anything to get it, which is almost everyone’s downfall because not everything can go right.

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    Loved the movie, but hated the ending.

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