Under Her Control ending explained – where will Sofía go?

August 31, 2022
Amanda Guarragi 4
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This article explains the ending of the Netflix film Under Her Control and will contain significant spoilers. 

The ending of Under Her Control will leave you a bit frustrated. Beatriz has been nothing but nice to Sofía, and she does want what’s best for her. She signed a contract complying with her wishes, and since she is a businesswoman, she wouldn’t stray from that. The more Sofía was controlled in the house, the more she wanted to break free from Beatriz.

This resulted in her spiralling out of control and becoming a bit volatile. Sofía had no idea what to do anymore because she feels completely cut off from everyone including her boyfriend. After one facetime call on her birthday, Nacho doesn’t feel right about the story Sofía is telling him. He ends up searching for her to get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime, Beatriz watches Sofía from her cameras try to climb out of the front yard with a ladder. Sofía ends up falling on her back and hurting herself. Beatriz races back and goes to take care of her. She gives her a sleeping pill in her tea because she has to return to the office to deal with Nacho.

Netflix film Under Her Control ending explained

Nacho goes to the office and the new receptionist gives him Beatriz’s address. He was able to make contact with Sofía and she begged him to call the police. As Beatriz heads back to her home she sees Nacho in the middle of the road. After all the things that have happened with Sofía, Beatriz ends it once and for all, and she ends up hitting Nacho with her car.

When Beatriz goes inside Sofía plays her game and is nice to her again. She is calm and sweet to her about the baby and ends up apologizing to her. After a day or so, Sofía acts up again because she thinks that Beatriz will get rid of her after she has the baby. Sofía ends up beating Beatriz and tying her to a column in the house.

Beatriz is confused as she would honour the contract, but Sofía does not believe her at all. In the end, Beatriz tries to strangle Sofía, but Sofía took a pair of scissors (from her award on her desk) and stabbed her with them.

Sofía is now the ruthless one in control and the power has officially shifted. She walks out of the house all bloody, and just as she is about halfway down the road her water breaks. She is now forced to have the child she didn’t want to have in the first place and the screen goes black. A prime example of greed, ambition, and ultimately being ungrateful for the position you were given in your time of need.

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