The Offer season 1, episode 6 – “A Stand Up Guy”

May 19, 2022
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Give Matthew Goode the Emmy for his performance in The Offer now. As tensions continue to build the series continues to get better and better.

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Give Matthew Goode the Emmy for his performance in The Offer now. As tensions continue to build the series continues to get better and better.

This recap of The Offer season 1, episode 6, “A Stand Up Guy”, contains spoilers.

We’ve had back-to-back great episodes of The Offer. We’ve seen some strides in some of these character arcs that have me invested in what is happening. In the closing moments of Episode 5, we saw Joe Colombo put Albert on the spot in front of the cameras and the Italian American League. What’s next for Albert? The studio? The movie? Let’s dive in.

The Offer season 1, episode 6 recap

The show opens with Charles watching Albert being brought onto the stage with Colombo and he smashes his TV. Next, we see Robert watching it and HE FLIPS OUT! Bettye arrives at Albert’s door, also freaking out and Albert is calm, cool, and collected because he doesn’t have much choice. Barry is reading off to Charles that they will open a few points down and the head of PR walks in and Charles fires him. Charles wants Paramount off his books by the end of the day.

Robert and his wife are going back and forth about what happened. They are supposed to leave for Texas for the shooting of her film. Robert is trying to make her understand that this is a BIG DEAL. She isn’t happy, but he isn’t wrong.

The Godfather is about to begin its first shooting and Pacino is freaking out. Jack Ballard is on set, criticizing everything and gently placing the newspaper on Francis’s set chair. He picks up the paper and looks a little bewildered.

Albert has arrived at Charles’s office and CHARLES is pissed. He threw a pastry (that Albert brought) at him and said, “you f*cked me.” Albert says either fire him or let him go to the set. So, Charles fires him. Bettye lays down the law to Albert, calling him out for being a selfish jerk and she slaps the taste out of his mouth.

Mr. Dunston arrives to see Charles and gives him the business about everything that has gone down. Dunston informs him that he called an emergency board meeting and he better have people ready to buy.

A member of the table informs Colombo not to go after Gallo. It’s not the time to start another war and Colombo agrees to hold off. However, as Colombo leaves, he runs into Gallo and these two have a war of words. We all know this is going to come to battle very soon. Next, Colombo meets with Ceasar to present him with an opportunity. After a bit of back and forth, Ceasar lets him know that he is with him and I can only think this will have something to do with Joe Gallo soon.

I thought they would fire you. – Francis

Albert shows up on the set and lets Francis know that he has been fired. Francis is not thrilled as they just began shooting the film. Albert tells him to keep his eyes in the back of his head because Ballard is out for blood. Francis is frustrated but knows he has to push forward.

We see Charles and Barry are sitting down with the buyer from Texas. As Andy shows up, you realize this is a young kid but has a bit of a firm tone in his voice. You learn that Andy has shown up and isn’t playing around. He lets them know that his offer is moved from where it was to 50% of his original proposal. Charles is less than thrilled. As they get on the elevator, Charles grabs Barry by the throat and tells him never to reveal what they are thinking.

You got some stones coming in here. – Colombo

Bettye makes a move that I did not see coming as she visits Colombo to talk about what happened. Once she tells Colombo that Albert has been fired and why Colombo lets her know he will look into it. Bettye tells him that she is here for Albert. I loved, LOVED this scene. Colombo calls Albert to say that he will not let this stand. Albert tries to tell him that he wants the film to continue, but he interrupts and says, “No, you, no movie.” Colombo makes a few calls and has the set shut down. I was uncertain about Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Colombo to start, but I’ve grown to love what he brings to the show each episode.

The emergency board meeting has begun with Dunston telling everyone that Paramount has been a thorn in their side and it’s time for them to part ways with it. As the vote is about to begin, Robert barges into the boardroom. Barry freaks out, but Charles gives him the floor because he knows he could deliver with the board.

The ending of “A Stand Up Guy”

I’ve repeated time and time that Matthew Goode is clearly the best thing going on The Offer. He has had several monologues that are show-stopping scenes. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets him nominated for an Emmy. Goode delivered the goods (I’m funny) here and if you aren’t sold on him as Robert, I don’t know what to tell you.

Francis calls Charles, who says he wants Albert back and wants him back now. Charles says no, but Francis lets him know that the mafia will not allow the film to be made without him. Bettye is chatting with Mario and they go back and forth about her meeting with Joe Colombo. She lets him know she didn’t do this for Albert, and she did it for herself. She wants to step up and make some decisions.

You are one crazy motherf*cker. – Robert

Albert shows back up on set and everything magically goes back to normal. Robert arrives to figure out why Albert showed back up in the world. They need each other, period. As each moment passes, Robert understands he needs The Godfather to be the box office smash they think it can be, or they all might be out of jobs.

They are getting ready to shoot a night sequence of the film when Charles arrives, Ballard chats him up and he ignores him to watch the scene unfold. We see Charles looking on and the speech Robert gave in front of the board is replaying in his head as Robert arrives. Charles knows that the performance he gave in front of the board is what saved Paramount.

Charles walks up to Albert and lets him know that if he ever goes to press again, he will not just fire him, he will kill him. Then, Bettye walks up to Albert and he apologizes to her for what he said. But she tells him not to mess it up again. As she leaves, Ceasar informs Albert that she went to Colombo and he smirks with happiness. Next, Bettye and Charles are having a drink, Dunston shows up and Charles fires him on the spot.

As the episode comes to a close, Albert meets with Colombo and they meet with Frank Sinatra. Then, we transition to Ceasar, hopping in a car to take a stroll down as they shoot up Gallo’s house. The shooting is going on in the background while Sinatra/Albert/Colombo cheers to a great night. Then, the camera pans back to the house, where we see Gallo walk outside visibly upset.

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