F*ck Love Too ending explained – are all the characters happy in the end?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 20, 2022
Netflix film F*ck Love Too ending explained

This article discusses the ending to the Netflix film F*ck Love Too, which will contain spoilers. 

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F*ck Love Too follows a group of women, all trying to find love and happiness in life but experiencing a series of mishaps to get to where they need to be. There are many endings to the film, so let’s break them down.

Netflix film F*ck Love Too ending explained


Throughout the film, Angela is head over heels for a man. However, she soon learns that the man she is in love with is a male escort. After many trials and tribulations, Angela makes the bold decision not to continue the romance. However, the male escort quits his life as a sex worker, and the couple rekindles their romance by the film’s end.


Throughout the film, Kiki is unsure if she wants to be married, despite the fact that she’s in love with Johnnie. At the end of the film, she tells Johnnie she is not ready to get married yet, and he appears to be understanding, offering hope for the future for this couple.


Unfortunately, Lisa is stuck over two men she loves in her life — after going through choppy waters with Jim, Lisa pursues a fleeting romance with an old friend, Noah. She puts herself in a place where she could lose Jim forever after deciding she doesn’t want to lose him. All hope looks lost for Lisa, but by the end of the film, space seems to be the answer, and Lisa and Jim rekindle their romance.

Cindy and Monica

The story of Cindy and Monica is perhaps the most outrageous in the film; Jack has impregnated both women, and he’s promised them both a relationship. Both women find out about Jack’s infidelity by the end of the film. However, Monica eventually forgives Jack after delivering their baby. Cindy delivers her baby too.


Last but certainly not least, Bo experiences marriage problems with her husband Said throughout the film. It’s made worse when one of her clients, a rapper called Max, kisses her, and it is caught on camera. The married couple goes through counseling to repair their relationship. Near the end of the film, Max apologizes to both Bo and Said for the kiss but then suffers from an allergic reaction from shellfish, forcing Said to call for an ambulance.

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