Night Sky season 1, episode 4 recap – “Boilermakers”

May 20, 2022
Adam Lock 2
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Night Sky delivers its best episode yet, with humor and drama aplenty. There’s impressive world-building and many secrets to uncover as the cast let loose at two local bars over one eventful night.

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Night Sky delivers its best episode yet, with humor and drama aplenty. There’s impressive world-building and many secrets to uncover as the cast let loose at two local bars over one eventful night.

This recap of the Amazon Prime Video series Night Sky season 1, episode 4, “Boilermakers,” contains spoilers.

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A strange glowing orb has made a few appearances in Night Sky so far, with the filmmakers dropping the odd clue to its purpose and attributes. Stella’s glowing light is stored next to their teleportation device, whilst the York family keeps theirs in a jam-jar in a cluttered drawer. In the last episode, Irene placed the orb on her coffee table, which was then subsequently evaporated from existence. This light appears dangerous, although intrinsically linked with the alien portal. The magical substance makes further appearances in “Boilermakers”, marking the midway point in Night Sky, with its best installment yet.

Night Sky season 1, episode 4 recap

Chapter four opens with Jude burying the glowing orb in a woodland nearby the York household. Nosey neighbor Byron bumps into the enigmatic caretaker whilst out walking his dog. Unsubtle as per usual, Byron asks Jude if the York couple seems strange to him and questions if they ever spend much time in their shed. This individual would not make for a good spy. Jude palms him off and explains the interaction to Franklin. It would seem everybody is suspicious of everyone in this sci-fi series. The woodworker tells Jude to stay away from the locals, then swipes the guest’s coffee mug as evidence.

Franklin bags the mug and takes it down to the station for fingerprint and DNA analysis. The officer states that you can’t just run this information through the database whenever you feel like it, it’s not legal practice. The officer insinuates Franklin’s slipping memory problems and how Irene had warned him earlier. Franklin is furious at this accusation, screaming ‘I’m not senile’, before storming off. In the meantime, Irene searches for Jude’s father at the local library and pulls up a mug shot from 2005. Things are starting to move forwards on Night Sky, and finally we have gathered some pace.

The second half of episode four splits the narrative into two drunken escapades, where secrets are spilled and the show manages to let loose, having some much-needed fun. There’s even humor in this chapter, with Byron and Franklin downing shots and taking part in intoxicated banter. Their interaction starts as an aggressive game of pool but ends in the origins of a friendship. Franklin honestly denies filing a complaint and the two speak openly about their marriages. Byron admits to entering Franklin’s underground bunker, as I predicted, the cat is well and truly out of the bag on this one, and that alien portal did not stay secret for long.

The ending

The other drunken altercation involves Jude and Denise. The drifter, who removed an alien device from his leg, suspects a visitor to the York house of stealing his belongings and goes hunting her down. Lost and without a mobile phone, Jude enters a karaoke bar for directions. There he meets with Denise and the two get chatting. Writer Daniel C. Connolly alludes to an unusual upbringing with Jude, who is unaware of the word ‘shots’ and any popular music for that matter. He sings a childhood hymn, before stumbling home in the dark. The stranger is stopped by the police and bolts, unsurprisingly being arrested for this action. A lonesome Irene drives past as her caretaker is cuffed.

With “Boilermakers” the writing staff creates an elaborate and immersive world for the viewers to enjoy. It’s easy to get lost in this close-knit community and these fascinating characters as they traverse a landscape of alien technology and double-crossing espionage. This is a place you don’t want to leave, with an audience desperate to unearth all its dirty little secrets before the credits roll. Episode four adds some witty humor and thrilling tension as the many subplots start to untangle. Let’s see where the drama heads next as we hurtle towards the finale.

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2 thoughts on “Night Sky season 1, episode 4 recap – “Boilermakers”

  • May 24, 2022 at 1:05 am

    Adam, sometimes you have an awkward writing style that is confusing. For example, in this summary you write: “The woodworker tells Jude to stay away from the locals”. The woodworker?? Yes, it has been established that Franklin is a carpenter. But that’s not a major part of the plot, so when we see “the woodworker”, we have to stop and think about what that means. I understand you’re trying not to repeat the word “Franklin” too much. But don’t trade one stylistic problem for another one that’s confusing. Write as if the reader has never seen the episode and is fuzzy on some of the details from past episodes. Would it have been bad writing to simply repeat “Franklin”? Maybe a little, but not nearly as bad as confusing the reader.

  • May 24, 2022 at 6:16 pm

    I never like to point out a negative thought of someone’s writing style, but I’m afraid I have to agree with the previous comment. I appreciate the wide variety of descriptive words, but I have had to reread every paragraph because it’s so difficult to follow.

    Maybe if you break up the paragraphs into sections that allow you to just use pronouns directly after naming the characters, it would be easier!

    Also, I often read the recaps to find things I missed in episodes, but this seems to be combining the recap with a review. I’d rather read the details about the episode while reading the recap than the feelings the show gave off. Those types of comments should be left for the review without spoilers to let people decide if they’d like to watch the show beforehand.

    I will say I think you chose perfect wording to describe the characters in the show. Jude certainly is an enigmatic character.

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