The Valet (2022) ending explained – do Olivia and Antonio end up together?

May 20, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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This article discusses the ending of Hulu’s film The Valet (2022) and will contain spoilers. 

Throughout the movie, Olivia and Antonio both go through a lot. But, between self-reflection, relationship issues, and family issues, ultimately, we see them help each other. So what happens to the pair during The ValetDo they end up together? Or do they end up going their separate ways? 

The relationship between Olivia and Antonio was built on the idea of a scheme to make sure that Vincent’s wife never finds out that he is having an affair. After being caught by the paparazzi outside of a hotel together and with his back against the wall, Vincent gets his attorney meets with Antonio, who was also pictured with them that night. He knew he needed to get him to agree to pretend to be Olivia’s girlfriend. 

Antonio, who lives at home and is going through a divorce, thinks that he can use the money to help win back his wife. He quickly says yes to the deal. The relationship between Olivia and Antonio is completely innocent from go and they never truly cross any lines because they both know they are serving a purpose in this situation. Olivia loves Vincent and only wants to make him happy and Antonio wants the cash and help to win back his wife. 

The entire movie felt like a cat and mouse game for all parties. First, you had Vincent’s wife convinced that Olivia/Antonio’s relationship was a fraud (she even offered Antonio money to tell her). Next, you had Vincent, who gets jealous of the pair because Olivia stayed the night with Antonio, which causes him to hire a private investigator to watch them. Last, you had Antonio find out that his wife only wanted him back because she thought his relationship with Olivia was real.

Hulu film The Valet (2022) ending explained

Antonio finally has enough and snaps at Olivia towards the end of the movie. While leaving, he announces to the paparazzi that their love affair is over. Because of this argument, Olivia ends up being really hurt by Antonio. She didn’t ‘love’ Antonio per se, but she respected and greatly appreciated who he was.

After Antonio finds out his mother passes away, the movie takes a heartfelt turn. Antonio is entirely wrecked by this and isn’t sure how to move on. His boys at work tell him he needs to contact Olivia because he blew it with her. So, he does and finds out Vincent was back up to his old ways.

Antonio teams up with Olivia and Kathryn (Vincent’s wife) to play a big prank on him to make him realize everyone knows what is going on. Vincent tries to worm his way out of it, but since everyone was in on it, Vincent realizes he was screwed. Kathryn tells him she is taking over the company and Olivia tells him she is done with him.

Unfortunately, regardless of how they felt, Antonio and Olivia never ended up together as we may have hoped. Our hope for the little guy to get the girl doesn’t happen, but their friendship causes them to grow as individuals instead. It wasn’t the ending we wanted but it was a good one nonetheless.

What did you think of the ending of the Hulu film The Valet (2022)? Comment below. 

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