The Boys season 3, episode 2 recap – “The Only Man In The Sky”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 3, 2022
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Amazon original series The Boys season 3, episode 2


Homelander continues to go down a path that he does not desire. And as a result, you can’t help but wonder whether The Boys Season 3 is leading up to Homelander’s much-awaited death.

This recap of Amazon original series The Boys season 3, episode 2, “The Only Man In The Sky,” contains spoilers.

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The Boys season 3, episode 2 recap

Hughie tells Starlight about what he learned about Neuman, and they speculate on what they should do. Billy goes to see Marvin and Janine. He tells him that they could finally close the book on Soldier Boy and gain the resources to kill Homelander. But Marvin doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as his father. But as he obsesses over a newspaper article on Soldier Boy, is Marvin becoming tempted by finally finding out the truth? The Female and Frenchie go to see a show and pretend to be fans of the lead actress, Crimson Countess. They attack her, and in the fight that follows, an innocent civilian gets killed.

Hughie goes to a school for the super abled and pretends that he is infertile. Whilst there, he copies their files and tries to get as much information on Neuman as possible. He finds a video that shows that Stan “adopted” Neuman. Meanwhile, Stan reads a book to a little girl. That is, anyways, until Neuman interrupts. Neuman tells Stan that someone dropped the ball, referring to Ryan, and she reminds Stan that no one can come to her workplace and refer to her as Nadia.

Billy attends a public speech and finds Soldier Boy’s apparent underage c**k su****er and tries to threaten him into revealing information on Soldier Boy. The plot fails, and instead, in a dark multi-story car park, the man tries and fails to kill Billy. As Homelander tries to take a woman, Chelsea, off the edge of a building, he learns from breaking news on a billboard that Stormfront has committed suicide. In his grief, Homelander turns on Chelsea and forces her to jump. Marvin turns to Monique for advice and says that he has tried to stay away from the suits, but following the latest info on Soldier Boy, he is struggling. She tells him that he should go back and she hates seeing it eat him up inside.

The ending

Billy calls Hughie; he tells him things aren’t good and that he should leave it all along before he f**ks it up. So, Hughie tells him that Neuman is a baddie and that they have to take them down. No matter what it takes. Homelander lies in Stormfront’s hospital bed, the same bed in which she bit off her tongue to commit suicide. Billy tricks Soldier Boy’s former “friend” into the meeting. After a heavy beating, the man says that Soldier Boy didn’t die by accident, but claims he didn’t see anything as he was just a kid. Although, he adds that the CIA was involved and that their case officer was Grace. Billy then beats the man to death before using his laser eyes to split the man’s head in half.

After Homelander is heckled during a public speech, he loses it and says that he is done apologizing. Instead, he claims that the public needs him and that he is the real hero.

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