Intimacy season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 10, 2022
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Netflix Intimacy season 1, episode 8 - the ending explained


As we witness the story’s closure, many important messages will leave audiences pondering where this leaves the characters. 

This recap of Netflix’s Intimacy season 1, episode 8 — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The ending of season 1 brings plenty of conclusive points for Intimacy. As we witness the story’s closure, many important messages will leave audiences pondering where this leaves the characters. 

Intimacy season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

Episode 8 opens with Malen telling her partner Alfredo that what’s coming will not be easy after making a crucial decision to communicate the truth. She’s filing a report against those who released a sex video of her — Cesar, but the other person is unnamed. Meanwhile, Bego is told to fight her battles carefully by her lawyer (and Malen’s father). One of the factory worker’s wives confronts Bego directly, angry that her husband has been fired from the workplace her sister worked in. Bego asks the wife about her sister Ane, stating that she didn’t deserve to die. It’s an emotional plea that cuts through effectively. She knows that no job loss will bring back her sister. The wife’s face says everything we need to know. 

Malen tells her party team that she had every right to report what happened to her and wants to remain a mayoral candidate. They want to know what the second unnamed person is. The meeting gets tense, so Malen tells them that they can “make do with Gorka when the election is over.” She knows she’s a better option than Gorka, so she is calling their bluff. 

Liere is brought to the judge about her recent violent altercation. Her grandfather helps plead her case to the judge and states she will get psychological treatment, so she becomes a valuable citizen in society, including community service. Fortunately, her grandfather’s legal skills pay off, and she avoids juvenile detention.

And then, a landmark moment; Alicia arrests Andoni for releasing intimate images of Malen. She then lets Malen aware and describes the trail that led to Andoni, which was linked to Cesar. Malen is surprised the other person was Andoni as they’ve never had a rift, highlighting how a cybercrime abuser can come from the least unexpected. Alicia tells Andoni that he isn’t facing a fine, but he’s facing prison for his crimes. Afterward, Malen apologizes to Alicia for making her job difficult and that she’s no longer running for mayor. Alicia is annoyed that the crime against her worked. But as they both walk out, they are celebrated by protestors who are voicing cyber crimes against women — it’s clear they support Malen. Bego stands in the crowd, and it’s an emotional moment. It’s a massive moment in the story. 

The ending

With support on Malen’s side, the party she represents calls her and asks her to become a candidate again (with their full support). They admit Gorka isn’t on their level. However, Malen asks for the truth. They tell her Gorka has stepped down. Afterward, Miren tries her best to encourage Malen by saying that she isn’t perfect but that she’s the right candidate.

As the episode ends, Malen looks at her party campaign posters, and she looks spaced out, and her eyes well up. Her perseverance has paid off, and while she will have plenty of guilt to shift, this feels like a new chapter for her and the countless women who support her. She’s become a symbol as season 1 ends.

Additional points

  • Alfredo tells Malen that he will never be a good businessman. He wants to be comfortable and take care of her. He holds her hands and asks if “that’s enough,” and they kiss each other.

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