Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: January 22, 2023 (Last updated: February 27, 2023)
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A decent episode with plenty of plot progression.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3, “Number of Outcomes Where Dislike Becomes Like,” which contains spoilers.

Although plodding at times, this episode of Crash Course in Romance gave viewers plenty in the form of plot progression. There are still plenty of questions, such as who shattered Haeng-seon’s window and who specifically they were targeting, but there were just as many interesting points of development that should help the show going forward. In particular, the bubbling rivalry between Su-a and Hae-e looks like it could be one of the show’s highlights.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

After bickering with Haeng-seon over the occurrence involving Jae-woo’s phone, Chi-yeol alleges to the police that he could’ve been the target of the incident at ‘Nation’s Best Banchan’ due to his popularity. However, as we see, no progress is made in the investigation, nor are any potential leads found. Though Chi-yeol is privately confident he can trace where the bullet came from should it have been shot out of a moving car.

As Haeng-seon rues her recent bad luck, forking out a hefty sum to repair her shattered window, Chi-yeol finds himself disappointed by the lack of CCTV in the vicinity of Nation’s Best Banchan. Following this, we watch scenes of Hae-e happily studying at the academy, in part thanks to her aunt’s dedication to booking her a good seat.

While things remain tense between Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol whenever they interact, Su-a starts to believe the academy is “too easy” for her. Thus, Su-hui decides she’ll try and help her daughter out by attempting to persuade Pride’s director to move the Med School All Care Programme (described as “a class of seven students taught by star teachers”) up to the summer. In exchange, the self-proclaimed influencer will tell other mothers about the academy’s classes.

When Haeng-seon inadvertently soaks Chi-yeol with cleaning water, things get awkward. Not only because the shop owner suggests she dries the tutor’s clothes, but because Hae-e returns home, wondering why her academy instructor is where he is. At that point, Chi-yeol opts to quietly leave.

Next, Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol struggle to believe the other’s identity, sharing similar beliefs that they should’ve both been kinder. The former regrets being so off with Hae-e’s famous tutor, with the latter lamenting the fact he ought to have been “more careful” with the side store shop owner, given she’s the mother of his student, who could use to “badmouth” him.

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Despite fears that Haeng-seon has requested a meeting for negative reasons, such as to sue him, Chi-yeol faces up to the woman once a minor adversary. It’s a good job he does too, as the pair completely clear the air, removing the animosity they had for each other through gifted food and hyperbolic apologies. Going forward, Chi-yeol vows to “become a regular” at Nation’s Best Banchan to “repay” Haeng-seon.

After stating his agreement for the All Care Programme to move to the summer, as long as he gets enamel blackboards for his class, Chi-yeol leaves the meeting with Pride’s director. On his way out, the tutor sees some old acquaintances, who are all excited to share a drink with the usually busy man. Or at least it seems that way until Chi-yeol overhears his so-called friends moaning about his egotistical attitude later on. So, all the deflated academy instructor does is pay for the table’s meals and quietly depart, presumably to the contentment of Jong-ryeol mostly.

Once Chi-yeol has compounded his disappointment by seeing his co-workers enjoy the time they’re spending away from him, we move to the next day. Here, Haeng-seon receives a number of gifts from her new regular customer, including the phone she initially rejected. Elsewhere, Chi-yeol reveals to his assistant that the reason he agreed to the director’s request wasn’t actually for blackboards, yet rather to distinguish students who are at a higher level from their peers.

In a bid to use her sway, Su-hui calls Seo-jin to let her know about the level test being tomorrow, hoping the lawyer will share some of the previous exams with her. Sun-jae’s mother isn’t interested in any alliance, though, but does make a phone call to someone, promising she’ll give them the necessary materials for their plan to succeed. Then, Seo-jin becomes embroiled in an argument with her husband, who isn’t returning to the family home for now, and believes his wife’s razor-sharp focus on their schoolwork is “suffocating”, especially for Hui-jae.

As Hae-e gets convinced by Haeng-seon to take the level test, Chi-yeol gets challenging his co-workers to finalize the exam, as well as the information session being put on for the parents. Meanwhile, the side dish shop owner gets wind of the star tutor’s busy schedule, so prepares him some food to be delivered.

When Sun-jae shares some of the previous level tests with Hae-e, his mother gets frustrated, dismayed that her son is potentially giving an advantage to a “competitor.” “You terrify me sometimes,” the student says in the heat of the moment, equally as disappointed with Seo-jin, and not knowing the type of person she wishes for him to develop into. “Just focus on your studies,” is the lawyer’s disappointed response, before she wonders where her other son is heading at such a late time of night.

Following on from her failed attempt to deliver food to Chi-yeol – the tutor was far too preoccupied and frustrated with how the level test was being written – Haeng-seon confides in those closest to her. “He didn’t have to humiliate me like that,” the shop owner says, disappointed by the idea her initial perception of the academy instructor being a “two-faced jerk” was the right one, even if Yeong-ju insists his attitude may have been because of his stress.

While a panicked Sun-jae has to deal with his hospitalized mother, who needed to have her stomach pumped due to her mixing sleeping pills with alcohol, everyone else gets ready for the level test, and parent information session. Notably, Chi-yeol swallows his pride and accepts a motorbike lift from Haeng-seon, accepting he cannot sprint his way to the academy.

Fortunately, Sun-jae just about makes it to the exam hall in time, thanks to Hae-e’s stalling tactics, and Haeng-seon arrives at the parent information session to hear Chi-yeol say students will need him to get into med school (a perfect maths score is required).

Continuing, Haeng-seon is soon overjoyed to hear that Hae-e got into the All Care Programme, celebrating the news alongside Yeong-ju and Jae-woo. Concurrently, Su-a becomes jealous that her academic adversary achieved the same feat as her, looking on at Hae-e and Sun-jae’s excitement (the son of a lawyer will also be entering the program) with a bitter facial expression. Then, we are introduced to Seo Geon-hu, the unique student who saves Hae-e from a potentially harmful fall with just an outstretched leg. Slightly enigmatic, all we know so far is that the low attender is an ice hockey player, and cannot remember the names of his fellow students, no matter how common they are.

Ending Explained

As Haeng-seon goes drinking with Yeong-ju, admitting she’s getting “ambitious” about her niece’s academic potential, a cigarette-wielding teen, Young-min, gets a call from his disappointed mother, who claims she’ll sort out his educational issues. Elsewhere, Chi-yeol decides to stroll about, content that his potential ally is out celebrating Hae-e’s good news instead of running her shop. Then, the episode comes to an end with the excitedly drunk Haeng-seon embracing the star maths tutor, as soon as she comes across him.

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