Crash Course in Romance Is Unlikely To Be Renewed for Season 2

By Nathan Sartain
Published: February 27, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Crash Course in Romance Season 2
Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Promotional Image (Credit to Netflix)

Crash Course in Romance has been loved by audiences, sparking many conversations over the potential for a Season 2, yet there’s still no news on a renewal.

Domestically, it peaked with 13.501% viewership, a number that sees it statistically above the likes of Little Women, Prison Playbook, and Twenty-Five Twenty-One for watchers. Internationally, it was a regular fixture on Netflix’s global top ten, with a highly respectable 21,520,000 hours of the series viewed between February 13 and 19.

Despite its title, which could easily suggest a fluffy rom-com, Crash Course in Romance has treated its viewers to an exciting blend of serious narratives and the more widespread love plotlines seen in Korean dramas. As a result, this show has stood out from a clustered crowd of competition in this arena, even if it hasn’t always fired on all cylinders.

Generally, the series also has an air of agreeability, feeling pleasant even amongst the more somber storylines. On paper with its brilliant formula, a continuation for Season 2, makes a lot of sense.

Will there be a Season 2 of Crash Course in Romance?

There is no news on whether there will be a season two of Crash Course in Romance. This is not uncommon; in Korean dramas, a second season is still a rarity regarding cable programming. However, offerings like Alchemy of Souls, Hospital Playlistand Taxi Driver are beginning to buck that trend and show that there is life past one 16-episode run.

Because of this, it’s becoming harder to forecast whether a show will be renewed or not, purely because the tides are slowly turning in this area. Crash Course in Romance has been a top-rated show, so you can’t rule out a return for these characters.

With that being said, we’d still hedge our bets that Crash Course in Romance won’t be returning for a second season. Not necessarily because all of the plots are ending (often, renewed shows switch things up slightly anyway), but because the rom-com formula can’t extend past this 16-episode run.

Sure, you could have another release centered on the featured couple doing daily activities. Still, it wouldn’t quite have the same appeal as watching their romance come to fruition over the weeks, especially with all the added drama taking place in between. As such, we’d say to enjoy Crash Course in Romance while it’s here.

Critical Response for Crash Course in Romance

Here at Ready Steady Cut, we gave season one of Crash Course in Romance a rating of 3.5/5, saying:

“Complete with a colorful, warm visual palette that really makes the city feel welcoming to viewers, Crash Course in Romance mightn’t wish to avoid the usual rom-com tropes entirely, but it does do a more than serviceable job of providing its audience something substantial to sink their teeth into. The addition of some more serious plot lines helps with deeper engagement, and as this series progresses, there’s a real incentive to return week after week. If you’re looking for something filling yet equal parts nimble, this show might just land for you.”

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