Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: March 5, 2023
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A good installment, but one that doesn’t quite stick its landing.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 15, “The Result of Chance and Inevitability,” which contains spoilers.

For the most part, the penultimate episode of Crash Course in Romance was an enjoyable, layered installment that touched on everything from raw emotion to light-hearted confessions. However, its ending came as a bit too much of a shock and added a bit of drama, which feels a bit extra at this stage. Still, it’d be fair to trust that all will end well in the finale.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

With news circulating that she’s under investigation for her involvement in the exam leakages, Seo-jin becomes embroiled in the media frenzy outside her office. Fortunately, she receives a helping hand from her husband, who quells the relentless questioning. Concurrently, the All Care mothers take their many grievances to the school board, which includes a request for Sun-jae’s expulsion. In the meantime, Su-hui remains oblivious to her husband’s affair, even when she is notified of his hefty credit card payment.

The end for Dong-hui

As Haeng-seon hears her suspicions that Dong-hui may have substance, Hae-e shows signs of movement. Meanwhile, Chi-yeol discreetly follows his assistant around when sending him to a meeting on his behalf, and the police attempt to find links to the man they know as Seong-hyeon. In due time, this allows the detectives to discover their suspect’s ties to the star tutor they’re already acquainted with.

At Dong-hui’s home, Chi-yeol discovers his assistant’s unhealthy obsession with him and his identity as Su-hyeon’s brother. Yet while all this is happening, we see Haeng-seon having to fight the serial killer, who had traveled to the hospital to finish Hae-e off (a decision likely driven by the fact he had listened to Dan-ji discussing the student’s movement earlier). Yet luckily, Chi-yeol became aware of Dong-hui’s absence from his scheduled meeting in the nick of time, meaning the star tutor was able to arrive at the private ward and intervene before there were potentially severe consequences.

Continuing, Chi-yeol pursues his assistant to the hospital rooftop, calls him by his former name, and questions the intent behind all these horrific actions. “I wanted to protect you,” Dong-hui says, believing he was de-cluttering the life of the star tutor he trusted. Chi-yeol doesn’t buy into any attempts at rationalization; however, accepting his close ally was abused, but making sure it’s known none of that should be a reason to commit crimes. As such, Dong-hui is advised to hand himself to the police for the sake of his late sister.

This advice, unfortunately, is not heeded. “So this is how it ends,” Dong-hui solemnly states, refusing one final offer of help from Chi-yeol, then dropping to his death from the lofty rooftop height. In his final moments, Dong-hui recalls eating with his sister when she expressed an interest in being the star tutor’s assistant due to her faith in him.

Hae-e wakes up

In the aftermath of Dong-hui’s death, which opens up a small conversation on the toxicity of “excessive competition in society and education,” Chi-yeol struggles to move forward. In fact, he turns into someone almost lifeless, a point proven by the way he defeatedly falls into Haeng-seon’s embrace. Elsewhere, Hae-e wakes up, greeted by the face of Haeng-ja.

After feeding Chi-yeol and telling him, “today is the last day you’ll blame yourself,” when it comes to Dong-hui, Haeng-seon rushes to the hospital to see Hae-e. “Everything is ok now,” the side dish shop owner states. Following that, Jae-woo arrives, and the strong-willed trio all share warm moments of emotional release.

Haeng-ja struggles to make things right, and Sun-jae drops out of school

Despite her efforts, Haeng-ja has a tough time making any impression on Hae-e, who is still understandably bitter towards her once estranged mother. Meanwhile, Sun-jae lacks the courage to meet his friend at the hospital, even though Dan-ji and Geon-hu had informed him of their visit. What doesn’t help is that Seo-jin’s son is the subject of protests, with a group of parents led by Su-hui campaigning to have him expelled and “severely punished” for his exam cheating.

Taking issue with the protesters, Haeng-seon confronts Su-hui over her labeling Sun-jae as a “criminal,” reminding her that the blame lies with Seo-jin. A back-and-forth ensues over how it’s “grown-ups that push the kids to the brink,” with the side dish shop owner firm in her belief the culprit should be protected now he’s come clean, as well as in her opinion that the campaigners are only doing this to “eliminate a competitor.” Ultimately, this debate ends the protest for the time being but doesn’t seem to prevent a waiting Sun-jae from withdrawing from school.

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As Jae-woo’s jealousy increases when Yeong-ju flirts with a customer and then gets asked to attend a blind date, Hae-e and Haeng-seon are left deflated by Haeng-ja’s insistence on doing everything for her daughter. In fact, the hospitalized student is so saddened by her mother’s constant interventions that she goes as far as stating it’s “too late” for her to offer any assistance.

Next, Sun-jae visits the hospital and is left alone to talk with Hae-e. Here, the son of a lawyer confirms he has dropped out of school to afford himself a break, though he will still take the GED at some point. This revelation allows the awkwardness between the two friends to fizzle out too, and things appear to be returning to normality.

Two confessions, an affair reveal, and a request for money

When treating her fellow All Care mothers to a meal, wanting them to take credit for Seo-jin’s son withdrawing from school, Su-hui ends up causing an unwelcome scene by physically attacking her husband, who she finally discovers is cheating. Concurrently, Sun-jae is brave enough to confess his long-held feelings to Hae-e, yet Geon-hu’s subsequent teasing tells us all we need to know about how that went.

As an injured Su-hui weeps at Haeng-seon’s act of kindness towards her, Jae-woo confidently tells Yeong-ju he likes her, a statement that seemingly kickstarts their relationship. Following this, we move to the next day, when Hae-e returns home, and Haeng-ja continues to make negative impressions, this time by requesting Chi-yeol buys her sister a car and suggesting a grand party for her daughter’s hospital discharge.

Continuing, Hae-e puts a stop to her mother’s sneaky ways, preventing her from asking Chi-yeol for a loan and confronting her on her lack of conscience. Adding that Haeng-seon doesn’t deserve to be undercut by a sibling who has been absent for so long, the angered student threatens to kill herself if Haeng-ja, who looks shaken, requests more money. Later, Hae-e completely breaks down.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 15 Ending Explained

Outside, Hae-e opens up to Sun-jae, admitting she wanted to “get even” with the mother she has “resented and missed” by being unkind, then “accept her back, pretending I had no other choice.” Though the student is now only upset, realizing Haeng-ja’s flaws and understanding she isn’t a particularly great person. “All we can do is try to become better people than them (their parents),” Sun-jae responds, warmly comforting his friend.

Shockingly, that night, Hae-e seems to have a massive change of heart. Ignoring Haeng-ja’s lack of effort in party preparations and everything else that’s occurred, the student tells her family that her returning wish is for Haeng-seon and Jae-woo to “live happily” while she’s gone, as she plans to follow her mother to Japan. With everyone looking at Hae-e in surprise, the episode ends.

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