Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained

By Nathan Sartain
Published: March 5, 2023
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A nice finale wraps up everything neatly enough.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 16, “episode title,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending. 

Although Crash Course in Romance is a show which has struggled for consistency, its finale does a perfectly decent job of tying up loose ends. The conclusion of Haeng-ja’s storyline was surprisingly touching, and while the time skip did leave everything feeling a little rushed at the tail end, it was undoubtedly lovely to see everyone get happy endings.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

The consequences of Hae-e’s big decision

With Hae-e confirming she’ll be relocating to Japan, the student confronts her mother, informing Haeng-ja that if she’s not allowed to move abroad alongside her, that’ll be the end of their association. Concurrently, Jae-woo labels his niece a “traitor” for wanting to depart, and Haeng-seon cannot answer why the person she’s raised suddenly wants to leave. Thus, the side dish shop owner quizzes Hae-e, who says it’s her “business,” unfazed by the idea of no longer taking the CSAT.

Next, Su-hui bickers with her resting husband, though swiftly backtracks by saying the duo will have to pretend things are rosy between them for the sake of the struggling Su-a, at least until she’s in college anyway. However, Dae-gun takes some issue, believing his wife isn’t doing anything for their daughter’s sake, but more so she can “live vicariously through her.” Unfortunately, Su-a has heard about this exchange and is aware of the footage circulating of Su-hui attacking her cheating husband.

As a deflated, puzzled Haeng-seon admits Hae-e has “ripped my heart apart” with her declaration, Chi-yeol offers his support. First, the star tutor tells his partner to “accept the decision” her niece has made, then he warmly encourages the side dish shop owner to pursue her goal of studying to become a sports instructor.

While Haeng-ja moans over the phone at her daughter’s stubbornness in wanting to follow her to Japan, Hae-e faces a prickly reaction from Jae-woo but does herself no favors when rejecting Haeng-seon’s kind attempts at trying to cook and clean for her. Elsewhere, Su-hui is told to get a divorce by Su-a, who says she’ll be “fine.”

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Tensions rise, and Haeng-ja makes a big decision

Alongside her sister, Haeng-seon goes shopping, wanting to ensure Haeng-ja knows the type of skincare products that suit the sensitive skin of Hae-e. Meanwhile, one of Chi-yeol’s many tired students faints from misusing medication intended for controlling ADHD, which makes the star tutor reach out to Jong-ryeol.

This allows the two to discuss the issues of an education system that wrongly makes the CSAT crucial for young adults so scared they try anything for an advantage and negatively impacts the mindset of parents. Positively, Jong-ryeol appears to have a solution to the widening academic levels of his students by finding ways of ranking them so everyone can work at their level.

Despite the great lengths, Haeng-seon goes to for Hae-e by packing her everything she could require for her needs ahead of the Japan move, the student becomes angered, removing items from the suitcase and asking they’re returned. “What a rude brat,” the side dish shop owner ultimately says of her niece, at the apex of an emotionally-charged argument centered around insensitivity, gratitude, and manners. Later, Haeng-ja sits in reflection, having witnessed her daughter weeping into her hands.

As Haeng-ja proudly sends Hae-e off to school for the first time, Seo-jin is fined ten million won for her involvement in leaking an exam to her son. The suspended lawyer is relieved, having avoided harsher punishment, so he invites her husband to eat with their whole family at home. It’s a surprisingly relaxed meal, with a mellower, Seo-jin asking Hui-jae to go on a trip with her.

While Hae-e is excitedly greeted by her peers upon her return to school in a scene that surprisingly includes Su-a gifting a notebook to her one-time adversary, Haeng-ja looks proudly at the picture she took of her daughter. This, it seems, motivates the usually unreliable mother to make a major decision too, as she departs for Japan alone, leaving behind a note for Haeng-seon which expresses the “sense of shame” felt and contains acceptance that the side dish shop owner should technically be known as the student’s parent. “You did a terrific job raising your niece, whom I abandoned,” Haeng-ja writes before lauding her sister for all her qualities.

One more scandal and a proposal

After Haeng-seon gets to the bottom of Yeong-ju and Jae-woo’s relationship, she becomes embroiled in a scandal when articles spread that Chi-yeol is dating Hye-yeon, despite the fact the pair only met up for coffee. Fortunately, though, the star tutor is gifted a feasible plan to quell the speculation, with his assistant suggesting he should show his affection for his partner by proposing.

At night, Chi-yeol is left alone to pop the question to Haeng-seon, but she gets there before him. Thus, the two conduct a double proposal and agree to marry once Hae-e has taken the CSAT and the side dish shop owner has attained her sports instructor certification. Following that, celebrations begin.

Next, we learn some important details. That Seo-jin did go on holiday with Hui-jae, Sun-jae managed to pass his GED, and that Hae-e’s relationship with Haeng-seon is entirely back to normal (the two are shown happily embracing after the CSAT).

Two years on

Now, proceedings move two years forward. Here, Chi-yeol is shown to be a far more fun-loving tutor, a pregnant Yeong-ju is confirmed to have registered her marriage with Jae-woo, and Haeng-seon struggles to cope with the demands of studying for her sports instructor certification.

Continuing, Geon-hu is still attempting the CSAT, while Sun-jae and Hae-e have continued their friendship. Fortunately, the two are closer with Su-a now, who is more relaxed, kinder, and established as a pre-med student at Hanguk University. As for her mother, Su-hui, she is a counselor at The Pride, hoping to encourage the latest batch of parents to drive their children to success. Fortunately, Seo-jin has softened too, now no longer a pressuring mother and someone welcoming to her children (a point proven by her warm embrace of Hui-jae, the soldier).

While Geon-hu drives Su-a around, Sun-jae presses Hae-e for an answer to his confession. “I’m still thinking about it,” is the response, yet she does afford him a kiss on the cheek, so perhaps a decision has been made. In return, an ecstatic Sun-jae holds his new girlfriend’s hand.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 16 Ending Explained

When it’s confirmed Haeng-seon has finally got her sports instructor certification, Chi-yeol celebrates with his students, then goes to meet his partner. Now, the two can finally get married and enjoy the shared life they’ve been waiting for. With the happy couple sharing public displays of affection, season 1 ends.

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