Story Recap – what happened in Hanna season 3?

November 24, 2021
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This article recaps the story of Hanna season 3 and will contain spoilers.

Do you not have the time to watch the final season of Hanna in full and want to know what happened? No need to worry, we’ve got you’ve covered. 

Story Recap – what happened in Hanna season 3?

Season 3 of Hanna begins with a brief yet eventful flashforward of Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles) and Abbas (Adam Bessa) as they hide within a large crack in the ground. Armed men and sniffer dogs seem to be searching for them both. What for exactly we don’t know as Hanna quickly takes us back to the present timeline. Following the events of the second season, Marissa (Mireille Enos) now blackmails Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney) into helping her cause. As such, he is able to help Hanna successfully return to The Meadows as a trainee assassin under the alias of Mia Wolfe.

Upon arriving back at The Meadows, Hanna reunites with fellow trainee assassins Sandy Phillips (Áine Rose Daly) and Jules Allen (Gianna Kiehl). Later that night, after meeting Ethan Williams (Sam Swainsbury), Marissa and Hanna learn that there is a database that analyses people under the age of 30 who may become a problem in the future. The man in control of that, The Chairman. And there’s one person who can help bring the database down; the database’s original computer programmer, Max Kaplan (Gabriel Akuwudike). 

Meanwhile, as Sandy starts to become suspicious of Hanna/Mia, Hanna and Marissa fake the deaths of individuals that Brianna Stapleton (Chloe Pirrie) wants to see dead. Whilst successfully faking the deaths, Hanna begins to fall for one of the individuals, Abbas; aka the man that we saw Hanna with in the scene that opened Season 3. But regardless, his life is still threatened after Carmichael is exposed and subsequently captured by Brianna. Luckily for Abbas, Hanna is at hand to kick some ass and save his life. But in bigger scenes, Marissa learns that The Chairman is none other than her own father, Gordon Evans. Who, by the way, is played by Golden Globe-nominated Ray Liotta! 

And what does Gordon want exactly? For Marissa to come to join him so they can run Utrax together. Marissa, however, isn’t happy with the idea, and as a result, Gordon spends much of the season trying to persuade Marissa otherwise. But when Marissa comes after him, The Meadows are shut down, and Sandy is “activated”. It’s madness for a while, but at least Marissa gets the much-needed evidence from Max. One small problem for Marissa, the key is encrypted and possibly unusable. To make matters worse, Marissa is under the false pretense that Max, the only person capable of helping her, is dead. 

In the second half of Hanna, Hanna gets captured by Brianna and later tortured by Gordon before he threatens her into giving up Marissa’s location in exchange for the safety of Abbas and his young daughter, Nadiya. Gordon, still determined to force Marissa to be his co-partner, uses Carmichael to trick Marissa into sending the orders for 10 assassinations, which to him now makes Marissa a part of Utrax/Pioneer. Marissa still doesn’t back down, and as she escapes, Sandy shoots Carmichael, killing him. 

The ending

With help from Marissa, Hanna escapes from Brianna and Gordon, which sets Hanna into its final act. After Hanna informs Marissa that Max is, in fact, alive, the pair track him down and force him to write down the encryption key. Whilst he agrees to do so, Brianna realizes he has helped them and kills him. Then after circling back to the opening scene, Hanna and Abbas hide whilst Gordon’s men attempt to find her. But it’s not just his men chasing her; Sandy is also on the lookout for Hanna. When Sandy threatens the life of Abbas’s daughter, Hanna and Sandy nearly fight to the death until Jules stops them.

But it still ends badly for Sandy. When Jules witnesses how far Sandy is willing to go, she shoots and kills her. Regardless of that, it seems that Hanna, Abbas, Jules, and Nadiya may be executed on Gordon’s orders. That is until Marissa intervenes and kills both Brianna and Gordon. It’s a cause for celebration until Marissa collapses and dies with Hanna by her side.

Hanna Season 3 finishes with Pioneer in ruins, and Hanna is now completely free to live a life of her own will. Unable to go forward with a relationship with Abbas, she bids farewell to Abbas and Nadiya. What exactly happens to Hanna next is for the audience to decide! 

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