Story Recap: what happened in Hanna season 2?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 20, 2021
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Story Recap - what happened in Hanna season 2 - amazon original

This story recap of Amazon’s Hanna season 2 contains spoilers and includes information regarding the ending. 

Are you all ready for Hanna Season 3? But want to refresh on Season 2 without having to watch it? Well, we’ve decided to break down Season 2 for you in a tidy recap. 

Story Recap – what happened in Hanna season 2?

In a nutshell, Season 2 of Hanna was very much the Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles) and Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince) story. For Clara, her mission to find the identity of her birth mother led her straight towards The Meadows. But upon being told that her mother was dead, Clara becomes an easy target to brainwash. Whilst Hanna, on the other hand, wasn’t as easy to brainwash. Instead, her whole goal all season was to free Clara from The Meadows and uncover ways to take down Utrax. Frenemy Marissa (Mireille Enos) works with the CIA, under John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney), although, as you may recall, he questions her reasons for being there. And he wasn’t far off. Marissa, as it goes, was working with Hanna. Before long, Hanna and Marissa learn about The Meadows, a facility where Clara may be.

Before long, Hanna has infiltrated The Meadows under the alias of Mia Wolfe. (An identity that she may or may not use in Season 3!) Also at The Meadows were Sandy Phillips (Áine Rose Daly) and Jules Allen (Gianna Kiehl). But unlike Hanna, they were brainwashed into believing everything they were told by Utrax. Whilst Sandy is unquestioning in her loyalty to The Meadows, Jules is finding faults and at times questions why she is really there. Up until then, Hanna and Marissa had a successful partnership. But that all changed when Hanna discovered that Marissa had been working alongside Carmichael. Therefore, Hanna was unable to trust Marissa and continued with her agenda alone. 

Finally back with Clara and now safely inside The Meadows, Hanna’s original plan was to break Clara out instantly. However, that plan had to take a back seat after Clara adjusted well to life within The Meadows, much to Hanna’s surprise. Meanwhile, as Marissa continued to take down Utrax from the outside, Hanna’s attempts to free Clara failed completely. Although, Clara finally did see sense during a mission in Barcelona. After one of Carmichael’s thugs attempted to kill Clara after she failed to go through with an assassination, it lead to her understanding the reality of the situation that she was in. Hanna then started to build up when Marissa alongside two CIA agents posing as help came to Hanna with the goal of stopping one of Utrax’s assassination plans. 

The ending

Towards the end of Hanna Season 2, Hanna realizes that the agents “helping” Marissa are, in fact, doing the complete opposite. As a result, Hanna and Marissa become separated. Although, it’s not as bad as it seems, as Hanna is able to track down Clara to a villa in Barcelona. Luckily, Hanna arrives at the right time and saves Clara from certain death. For Clara, her story in Hanna ends when Hanna helps her become reunited with her birth mother. Clara bids farewell to the undercover life and leaves with her mother, going off in an unknown direction. Whilst it was easy for Clara to walk away from Utrax, it may not be as easy for the others if the opportunity arises in Season 3. 

Marissa, for one, is more determined than ever to take down Utrax. After learning that it was Carmichael’s slip-up that allowed vital information to become exposed, i.e. the documents that Utrax were chasing all season, Marissa is now in control of Carmichael. Whilst Marissa could have leaked that Carmichael’s mistake cost Utrax dearly, and potentially cost him his life, she has instead used him to make herself the unknown leader of Utrax. This is just as well, as after discovering that Pioneer/Utrax may eliminate any young people who threaten their future, Marissa and Hanna are going to need every resource they can get.

In total, Hanna Season 2 concluded with Hanna seemingly on her way back to The Meadows. Marissa, meanwhile, is in control of Carmichael and, therefore, Utrax. Clara got her happy ever after and went away with her mother. But with Sandy seemingly becoming more dangerous than ever, will she future the plans of Hanna and Marissa? With six more episodes to go and new cast additions from stars such as Ray Liotta, there’s obviously plenty more drama in store from Hanna before it concludes forever. But more importantly, will Hanna and Marissa be able to work together successfully and finally take down Pioneer?

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