Workin’ Moms Season 7 Review and Ending Explained – Does The Popular Netflix Series End on a High?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 26, 2023 (Last updated: March 16, 2024)
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Workin' Moms Season 7 Review and Ending Explained
Workin' Moms (Credit - Netflix)


Despite the farewell, Workin’ Moms does not lose charm and humor, even with the obvious trundling over the storytelling finish line.

Contrary to belief, Netflix has many little hidden gems. Workin’ Moms is one of them. A witty comedy that enhances modern-day parenting and the corporate workplace, following the lives of a group of mothers and their budding partners.  The main surprise is that Workin’ Moms has lasted seven seasons. Even the creator, Catherine Reitman, was surprised by the overwhelming success and admitted to Variety that she didn’t expect it to go beyond a season. 

Workin’ Moms Season 7 Review: One Season Too Far

Season 7 is a direct continuation, though expect some episodes to add contextual (and often on-the-nose) flashbacks. 

First order of business: did Anne Carlson (Dani Kind) survive the hit-and-run from a disgruntled ex-client? This question is answered almost immediately, bringing a tone of humor from the offset as her husband, Lionel (Ryan Belleville), and her friend, Kate (Reitman), navigate a new social landscape after the attempt on Anne’s life.

Workin’ Moms shows off why this story has worked for so long in Season 7, yet it’s abundantly evident that it’s time to leave. While fans will be understandably saddened at the closure, at least it was not abruptly canceled.

The TV Show has given a loving farewell. In the age of cancelations, seven seasons is an incredible feat (many Netflix series do not make it past two). 

Season 7 moves back into the usual routine of following the painstaking process of motherhood, careers, and everything else involved. Kate is a well-established careerist at this point, with her success well-documented.

However, Season 7 enjoys throwing a final obstacle at her as she balances her married family life and a new, prosperous client. Kate will be missed, but her calamities are frustrating at times.

Anne, arguably the co-protagonist in this production, continues to struggle to have a handle on her life and daughter. The controlling character faces a new lease on life after her life-threatening incident.

The notion of letting go becomes her kryptonite as she has to endure more battles with her rebellious daughter while holding judgment on her friend’s life choices. It’s hard being Anne.

The rest of the characters hang on the periphery, giving snippets of their lives to ensure there’s at least a conclusion. The writers wanted more focus on the best-friends-for-life Anne and Kate. 

Criticism is where criticism is due. Season 7 of Workin’ Moms did feel like it was laboring over the finish line with 13 episodes. What more can the series do? It attempted to tackle every trope that a modern working mother has to overcome and then some. Season 7 is a goodbye tour, and it shows.

Is Workin’ Moms Season 7 worth watching?

For fans, the seventh season of Workin’ Moms is worth watching despite the obvious observation that this could all have been wrapped up in six.

The charm, humor, and themes remain strong, ensuring that the series stays a hidden gem. 

Workin’ Moms ends on a high, and while its farewell tour isn’t the strongest installment, it certainly gave the fans the deserving story for their loyalty.

Workin’ Moms Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

Workin’ Moms (Credit – Netflix)

The final ever episode opens up with a flashback; a young Kate is being read a bedtime story by her father. She tells her father she wants to be a dentist when she is older, but her father thinks she needs a life with more magic and asks her never to settle.

Did Kate’s marketing firm join the Big Pharma company?

In the present day, it’s confirmed that Katie accepted the deal to join the Big Pharma company Salubra. Her team is excitable. It appears like a massive success. They are tasked to rebrand a legacy drug with a pile of paperwork to look through.

Her team comes up with an unconventional marketing plan, and their Pharma client is not impressed; they believe a PR stunt will damage the company.

Kate and her marketing firm are told to focus on “safety and efficacy.” The reality sets in — doing marketing for Big Pharma is not as glamorous as it looks to be. All money, no thrills. Kate misses what it was like previously, with fewer limits for creativity.

To help gain clarity, Kate visits her father’s grave. She sees a hallucination of her father, who tells her she doesn’t need his guidance and tells her to “go to the magic.” Her father wants Kate to trust herself. Kate misses her father as the tears flow.

Why does Alice decide not to go to Australia?

Alice tells her mother, Anne, that she is not going to Australia. Anne is surprised to see her daughter change her decision and surprisingly doesn’t feel great about it.

Following this, Anne meets Alice’s boyfriend, Seamus, to gain an understanding of what’s going on with her daughter. Seamus reveals they broke up after he decided not to go to Australia. That’s the reason Alice chose not to go to Australia.

Anne rebooks her daughter’s flights to Australia and packs her bags. She wants her daughter to have experiences and not rely on a boy. At first, Alice is reluctant, but then she agrees.

Does Sloane pick work life or family life?

Sloane’s work life is taking a toll. She wants to spend more time with her family. She feels she is missing out. Sloane decides to use her maternity leave and tells a major client of her decision. She feels taking on a new priority is brave.

Workin’ Moms Season 7 Ending Explained

Does Alice go to Australia?

Anne and her husband, Lionel, take their daughter Alice to the airport. Anne is understandably nervous and emotional before Alice boards her flight. She runs to her daughter and gives her some sound life advice. The mother and daughter show a rare moment of love for each other that’s been suppressed at various points in their journey.

Alice goes to Australia with her relationship with her mother repaired.

Why does Kate quit the Big Pharma company?

Kate sends her colleagues an email after making a major decision – she tells them she cannot stay at Salubra and declares that she’s leaving the Big Pharma company. The lack of creative control is not what she wanted for her career. She wants the magic.

She decides to reopen the marketing firm. In a beautiful twist, her colleagues join her too. Salubra was not for them either.

How does Workin’ Moms Season 7 end?

As we reach closer to the end of Season 7, Val proposes to her partner in front of her friends, and a wedding ensues. At the wedding party, the mothers that have entertained audiences for seven audiences talk about their children and their lives. The series ends sentimentally, showing a happy conclusion for all the workin’ moms.

What did you think of Workin’ Moms Season 7? Comment below.

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