Hanna season 3, episode 6 recap – the ending/finale explained

November 24, 2021
Jordan Lyon 3
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Although this is the last ever episode, Hanna is surprisingly left in a situation that could bring her back for future instalments.

his recap of Amazon’s Hanna season 3, episode 6 — the ending/finale explained — contains spoilers.

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Hanna season 3, episode 6 recap – the finale and ending explained

After three seasons, this is it, the end of Hanna! The final ever episode of Hanna begins with both Hanna and Marissa in custody. Meanwhile, Sandy appears to be struggling. Just what will her fate be? Proving her alliance, Teri alerts Abbas of the danger that he faces. 

As Hanna and Marissa are led through to a location where Marissa believes her father may be, Hanna is able to kill the two guards. In a showdown between Hanna and Brianna, Marissa is able to escape Brianna’s clutches. Gordon comes to the conclusion that it was planned, and it must be because they know that Max is alive. He sends his men to kill Max, but Marissa kills them first. Hanna gets Max to write down the encryption key, “Make sure it’s right, or we won’t come back”. Brianna comes to Max, but she’s too late, Marissa and Hanna already have the encryption key. She asks Max what he told them, but when he doesn’t answer, Brianna takes out his breathing tube. 

As Hanna and Marissa escape, Teri helps them both by creating a situation that allows Teri and Marissa to drive away. With armed men coming for Abbas, Hanna attacks one of the guards and takes their uniform. With danger looming for him and his family, Abbas hides Nadiya in a cave. Hanna’s plan doesn’t go as planned as Gordon and Brianna find the guard’s plan; they’re now aware that Hanna has taken the identity of one of the armed men.

Meanwhile, Jules tells Sandy that she thinks that they are the murderers. Not as distressed by the possibility, Sandy cooly hands Jules a key to her apartment before telling her not to call anyone. When one of the armed men gets informed that Hanna is amongst them, Hanna fakes a gunshot to give the others the false impression that she is dead. 

Teri goes to Ethan and hands him the encryption key. When Abbas makes a run for it, he accidentally sets off a car horn, which directs Gordon’s men towards him. Whilst they attempt to shoot him, Hanna soon kills the men. Bringing the episode back to the opening scene of Season 3, dogs are tracking Hanna and Abbas, who hide within a crack in the ground. Using her abilities, Hanna has the dog search elsewhere.

Abbas reunites with Nadiya, but unluckily for him, Sandy finds him. Sandy wants to know where Hanna is, or she’ll shoot Nadiya. Hanna attacks Sandy, and they’re soon fighting, with Abbas accidentally getting shot in the leg. Both girls are close to killing each other when Jules appears. Hanna tries to persuade Jules that Sandy will kill them, but Jules doesn’t believe her. However, when Sandy reaches for her gun, Jules shoots her. Within seconds, Sandy falls off the cliff edge and into the lake below.

The ending

Hanna hears Gordon’s men coming, and soon they’re surrounded. Gordon orders the death of Hanna, Abbas and Nadiya. But he becomes high-rate when Brianna questions whether an innocent child should die. Although whether Brianna would have gone through with the order, we’ll never know as Marissa shoots her dead. Next, when Marissa reaches for the radio, Gordon shoots her, but she shoots him in the neck. Marissa cancels the hit, and the armed men all leave. Marissa watches as Gordon dies. But soon after, Marissa collapses against the wall, having been shot in the stomach.

Hanna goes off in search of Marissa and finds her dying; “Stay with me, I hated you for so long, but now I love you”. Sadly, Marissa dies. Hanna Season 3 concludes with Hanna, who now has a new passport and is heading to Boston. Hanna bids farewell to Abbas and Nadiya, and with that, Season 3 of Hanna is over.

What did you think of Amazon’s Hanna season 3, episode 6 (finale), and the ending? Comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Hanna season 3, episode 6 recap – the ending/finale explained

  • December 8, 2021 at 3:01 am

    Very weak ending…how the story concluded is fine, but why Hanna doesn’t kill all the guards right after they get off the helicopter and she is behind them all doesn’t make sense. Nor does it make sense that after killing the 2 guards about to shoot abbas she dumps her empty pistol but doesn’t pick up either rifle from the dead guards leaving her and abbas unarmed and finally when did she become crocodile dundee with the dog. Ruined what could have been a great conclusion.

  • December 24, 2021 at 3:41 am

    In a word, DUMB. They needed new writers! All they could write is what has been written before. Really? I had hoped it would be different but alas,

  • April 16, 2022 at 3:37 am

    What’s the deal with her dropping her passport, and the guy puts it in his pocket, then gives it back to her? That is strange, and apparently has meaning!

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