Our Blues season 1, episode 19 recap – “Ok-dong and Dong-seok 2”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: June 11, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 19


Although very little takes place, it’s an emotional chapter with understated moments which will undoubtedly prove important in the finale.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 19, “Ok-dong and Dong-seok 2,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 19 recap

We pick up where we left off, with Ok-dong and Chun-hee following Dong-seok so they can eat their requested breakfast. When he tries to shake the two off it fails though, with his mother particularly persistent in following him wherever he goes.

Next, Jung-joon instantly agrees to Young-ok’s request that they don’t go to visit his parents, but she ends up caving anyway, ready to see the people who apparently aren’t exactly welcoming of this relationship. The venture comes with some compromises that would allow for an early exit if necessary, yet it all does little to stop Young-ok’s nerves from manifesting, even when Jung-joon remains positive that things will change once the couple have met his parents.

At the beginning of the meeting things are undoubtedly cold, and Jung-joon’s mother goes as far as outright ignoring Young-ok. But the situation does soften at the dinner table, where it appears that the parents, who now moderately fuss over Jung-joon’s partner, approve of the relationship. Elsewhere, Dong-seok asks Ok-dong what she wants to do when they get to Mokpo, as he will do anything his mother wants when they are there. Though, there is a cynical reason for his kindness, with the salesman wanting to use it as a vehicle to then later unload all his emotional baggage.

After a visit to Man-su in the hospital, Ok-dong gifts her friend money for the recovering man, while also instructing Chun-hee not to rush following her in death until after her son can walk, and Eun-gi starts school. Following that, Dong-seok still ensures he doesn’t tag along with Ok-dong to his step-brother Jong-u’s house after discovering he has moved, but by chance still ends up stumbling across the man who used to physically abuse him. So he spitefully enters the home for the memorial service, ready to cause trouble. And he does, beginning a fight over his step-dad’s death so bitter that even Ok-dong unwaveringly sticks up for Dong-seok. Later on, the stubborn son apologises, and tells Jong-u that it will be the last time he ever sees both him and Ok-dong, as she will be dying of terminal cancer soon.

Such an event does lead to some acts of kindness from Dong-seok, who begins to look after his dying mother that night when she finds herself vomiting again. Though warm feelings don’t persist, as Ok-dong later wonders why she should ever feel sorry towards her son when asked, despite her being aware of all of the mistreatment towards him. She does, however, still check up on Dong-seok through the window when he leaves the inn to sleep in his truck.

The next day, Dong-seok rejects the notion of Jong-u’s brother attending Ok-dong’s funeral, purposely being cold towards him. The in-law does try and justify his actions in youth, but that too does little to win over the salesman. Afterwards, the mother and son get ready to eat together before they head towards her hometown, which has now been turned into a reservoir. There is still leftover resentment present though, as Dong-seok wonders why Ok-dong can smile at a dog, but not even look at him properly.

The ending

As Dong-seok causes a scene at a restaurant over mistakes with the food, Ok-dong wants to just leave, evidently upset. Yet all she gets is confrontation from her son, who wonders why he gets nothing after being wronged in every way. He continues, explaining that once the visit to her hometown is complete, he will be finished going things for her, and it’ll be his turn. Then, with the two setting off to the reservoir in silence, the episode ends.

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