Our Blues season 1, episode 20 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Nathan Sartain
Published: June 12, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 20 - the finale and ending explained


A perfect finale that wraps everything up while affording moments of poignance and jubilation, all along with a heartfelt sentiment.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 20, “Ok-dong and Dong-seok 3,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 20 recap – the finale and ending explained

We start by watching Seon-a working and planning her trip to Jeju, while Dong-seok continues to drive Ok-dong around in search of the reservoir. The old lady does have to field a phone call from Chun-hee in the meantime though, as her friend wonders how the trip is going, if she is being treated well, and if her son has called her mother yet. Then, on foot, the travelling duo continue their journey, navigating the vast forest together.

In time, the two reach their destination, and look out at the icy scenery in hope of locating where Ok-dong used to live. While sat on tree trunks, the mother-son pairing have a heart-to-heart too, centred around the deaths in their family. Later on, while travelling back towards the truck, Dong-seok finds himself caring for his mother, offering her his jacket in the rain, in addition to a ride on his back to combat her sore ankle. So, tearily, they head back in tandem, with the son worried about how Ok-dong is just “skin and bones” now.

Confronting his mother on how she felt when his in-laws beat him, Dong-seok wonders further why Ok-dong refuses to apologise for all that’s been done, while also explaining that it was her who took away his mother by requesting all that time ago that he doesn’t call her that. The response is a simple one, that a crazy woman can’t feel apologetic for anything, before Ok-dong further elaborates that she deserves to die for how she acted, and that she doesn’t wish for a funeral, but rather to be thrown into the sea.

After the ordeal, Ok-dong ends up hospitalised, with a warning given to Dong-seok that if she leaves, she’ll die. But the old woman doesn’t care, wanting to go back to Jeju despite the potential consequences. So they intend to do just that, but not before eating together and sharing time as a family without resentment present. Plans change slightly though, as first they need to head to Gusa town to fulfil one of Ok-dong’s final wishes.

Following the brief trip down memory lane to the place she used to meet her late husband after work, Ok-dong returns to Jeju, greeted on the boat by the good news of of Yeong-ju and Hyun’s child being born healthy. Then, Dong-seok helps his mother with writing, showing everything from the names of family members, to Jeju, to the sea. It’s a touching moment of bonding, complemented by a teasing of a trip to Mount Halla.

When Dong-seok returns to Jeju with his mother, he’s swiftly flanked by Jung-joon and Eun-hui, who ask how the trip to Mokpo went. But they’re not exactly afforded answers, as the stubborn salesman exits the conversation as soon as the traffic lights change. After that, Eun-hui finds herself cornered by In-gwon, who wonders whether Han-su and Mi-ran have been notified of the upcoming athletic meet, something he’s particularly passionate about due to his desire to beat Osan-ri.

Surprisingly, Dong-seok takes his mother to Mount Halla, allowing her to soak in the snow that the wind blows as she marvels at the sight of it. It’s not enough though, as Ok-dong also wants to visit Baengnokdam Lake, even if it would take a hefty four+ hours to reach it. The request is accepted, however, and so the two set off walking to reach the destination, with the change in relationship evident too.

When the topic of reincarnation comes up, things change slightly, with Ok-dong claiming that she would want to be born into a wealthy family so she could reap the benefits for those around her, and that she would not want to be Dong-seok’s mother again. Unless he became kindhearted that is, in which case she would accept him again. Ok-dong does state that her happiest memory is this trip to Mount Halla, though, a warm moment that touches Dong-seok before he gets frustrated at his equally stubborn mother who persists in wanting to reach the lake.

A compromise is soon made, one that Ok-dong doesn’t have a say in, that Dong-seok will ascend to the peak to take a picture of the view, while his mother will wait in a cafe. While there, she unsuccessfully attempts to call Jong-u as her son pushes on to reach the peak of the mountain, recalling both the negativity and tempered reconciliation involved in the relationship with his mother.

When arriving at the allowed limit because of the snow, Dong-seok films a video for his mother showing her the view, but finds himself tearing up too, requesting that he returns to the same location with Ok-dong next spring. He seems to know that this will be impossible, yet the sentiment touches the ill lady who watches the video on repeat in the truck that night. And, given that a trip to the house he helped make, as well as a meeting with Seon-a, is then afforded, it’s clear that the two have somewhat mended their relationship.

When settling his mother down for the night, Dong-seok leaves with a request for stew that further warms the heart of Ok-dong, who smiles as her son drives away. The next morning, she happily adheres to her son’s wishes, making the meal in anticipation of his return. However, by the time he gets there, ready to enjoy the food, his mother has already passed, unable to hear him call her by the title she once stripped away. So he calls Chun-hee, who is devastated but able to share the news with others, wanting Dong-seok to just stay by Ok-dong’s side.

Holding his mother’s hand, Dong-seok rests beside Ok-dong, affectionately stroking her face as he begins to let his tears out. Then, it turns into a full hug, one filled with regret, love, and every other conceivable emotion as he cries out “mum.” On the narration, Dong-seok admits after explaining that Ok-dong never said she loved him, or was sorry, that he never resented his mother, and that all he wanted to do was patch things up and embrace her.

The ending

After we see the reaction of the Jeju natives, we move forward one month, in time for the athletic meet (we also witness that Dong-seok appears to have settled down with Seon-a). And, with the returning Han-Su and Mi-ran, we enjoy a positive few scenes, watching the Jeju crowd take on the sports games together, flanked by the supporting crowd of friends and family.

Finally, with scenes of the series playing in the background, the meet comes to an end, along with a touching message that we were all born to be happy, not to suffer. And, on that note, the season comes to a close.

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