Home season 2 review – take a peek inside some of the world’s most unique houses

By Adam Lock
Published: June 14, 2022
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Apple TV+ docuseries Home season 2


A laidback docuseries that combines stunning visuals with human stories in its quest to uncover the most unique homes in the world.

This review of the Apple TV+ docuseries Home season 2 does not contain any spoilers.

Apple TV+ docuseries Home returns for a second season, exploring even more inspiring examples of architecture from around the globe and the homeowner’s intrinsic stories which interlink with these breath-taking visuals. The second instalment contains ten episodes, each spanning thirty to forty minutes in length, which capture ground-breaking and innovative buildings from across the planet. This season journeys to five continents and ten diverse countries, redefining what a home can be.

The series follows a basic structure, focusing on one house from one distinct location at a time. Every episode is beautifully shot and follows the building’s very own story. These narratives are told by the creators and homeowners themselves, with their own unique angle. Episodes explore different themes, such as: racism, environmentalism, art and family, but all push the boundaries of what constitutes a home and how we should live our lives within these parameters. The houses work more as a backdrop for these very human stories, rather than taking center stage. They also allow for important cultural agendas to be addressed.

Episode one follows a French family, who have decided to embrace nature and connect their home with the landscape around them. There are hippy hammocks and netting ceilings, just to give you a taste of the building itself. We get a history of the family and the detailed reasoning behind the construction. This is told in a laidback, calming style, which makes for a relaxing viewing. There is no drama or gimmicks to this show. Don’t expect Grand Designs or Selling Sunset theatrics, this is much more low-key.

Further instalments include a Mexican house which combines art with architecture (and a cameo from The Revenant director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu), a hidden fortress in the South African jungle and a remote Icelandic dwelling that relies on raw materials from the local surroundings. Which all makes for a varied and fascinating voyage into these different worlds and cultures.

This informative and eye-opening docuseries brings diversity and creativity to the notions of what a house should be. The visuals are just as picturesque as the previous season and perfectly capture these hidden worlds. My only gripe would be that the architects and homeowners verge on the pretentious more often than not and this series may be a little too easy-going in its delivery at times. But overall this is an enjoyable exploration of unique homes from around the world.

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