Father of the Bride (2022) ending explained – will Billy and Ingrid ever go to Greece?

By Marc Miller
Published: June 17, 2022
HBO Max film Father of the Bride (2022) ending explained

This article explains the ending of the HBO Max film Father of the Bride (2022), which will contain spoilers. 

Ready Steady Cut film critic, M.N. Miller, calls Father of the Bride “a real charmer.”

This Father of the Bride is not a remake of the Steve Martin version. This is a reimagining of Edward Streeter’s book that was the basis of the 1950 original. Here, the Herrera’s (played by Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan) are getting a divorce. Why? Billy is stuck in his ways, and Ingrid wants to see the world. Well, Cora (Isabella Merced) is back at home after dropping out of school. However, their oldest daughter is Sophia (Adria Arjona), a successful lawyer in New York. The couple decides to tell everyone at the family dinner immediately, and they will as soon as Sofia arrives (it seems like a weird setting, but everyone is different).

When Sofia arrives, she has some news! She now has a fiance, Adan (Diego Boneta). He is a lawyer from Mexico and she met him in the Big Apple. Except, it was not Adan who popped the question. It was Sofia! This takes the sting a bit out of Adan not asking Billy for his first daughter’s hand in marriage, but it also is not traditional. He also wants to take Sofia back to Mexico, and she agreed to work at his non-profit organization. Billy laughs at this because, as he knows, money is needed to raise a family, but he was made to think he needs to make good money to prove his worth to his wife.

HBO Max film Father of the Bride (2022) ending explained

When Billy tries to converse with Adan about how working at a”non-profit” is a ridiculous idea, it becomes apparent that Adan is from a wealthy family. His father turned a small family business into the second-largest beer company in Mexico (and there are only two). Both fathers come to blows when checking wedding venues, and Billy goes too far. He says, “I don’t approve of my girl marrying that boy!” This ruins the day, and his daughter tells him he can show up or stay home, but either way, he is marrying Adan. Billy eventually apologizes to his daughter and makes concessions. He stops making the wedding about his pride and allows Adan’s family to pay for some of it.

At a strip club as part of the bachelor party (I cannot imagine going there with my father-in-law, but again, everyone is different), he confides in Adan that the reason for his poor behavior is because Ingrid has asked him for a divorce. He keeps his secret, and at the rehearsal dinner, Billy confides in Junior that he and Ingrid are getting a divorce. Cora overhears this and confronts the family about it in public. They eventually work things out, including Sofia forgiving Adan for lying to her about her parents. The day before the wedding, a residual storm from the hurricane lands in Miami and destroys the wedding venue, including the bridge to get there.

Billy sets things in motion. They move the wedding to their home and enjoy a beautiful night full of memories. Sofie and Adan are married, including taking the Herrera last name. The night goes so well. Billy asks Ingrid to go to Greece with him so that they can end the marriage with a bang. They then kiss, and we know they will stay together for the long term because Billy has finally seen the error of his patriarchal ways.

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