The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1, episode 6 recap – “Summer Tides”

By Adam Lock
Published: June 17, 2022
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Amazon The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1, episode 6 - Summer Tides


The love triangle antics continue in another consistent episode, as Belly must decide between Conrad and Jeremiah. This conundrum ends with more drama and some nasty betrayal.

This recap of Amazon’s The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1, episode 6, “Summer Tides,” contains spoilers.

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In the previous chapter, Belly and Jeremiah finally kissed, bringing this twisted love triangle to the forefront once again. In “Summer Tides” Belly must decide between the mysterious Conrad and the jovial Jeremiah, with both competing for her affections. The debutante ball is closing in now and Belly still doesn’t have an escort.

The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1, episode 6 recap

The episode opens with Belly dreaming of both brothers being in her bed. She recognizes that even her dreams are getting complicated. The teen just can’t stop thinking about that kiss with Jeremiah though. She wakes up and showers, with Jeremiah desperate to talk to her. Susannah wants Conrad to go with Belly to the ball and he finally relents. Belly’s dreams have come true, she has both boys fighting over her. Conrad asks her to the ball that morning and Belly says she’ll think about it.

Taylor arrives in the nick of time, ready to support Belly with her daunting predicament, who does she choose? Taylor is team Jeremiah, coining the phrase Team Jelly. I mean, come on Taylor stop trying to make Team Jelly happen. The girls are stupidly excited for this love triangle showdown as well as a volleyball tournament fundraiser. Belly and Taylor get off to a flying start, winning their opening match, but Taylor feigns an ankle injury and Jeremiah is substituted in her place. She hopes the two will hit it off, working together as a team, yet Jeremiah gets distracted (probably by her beauty) and they start to lose matches. Belly’s competitive streak comes out and she subs in Conrad for Jeremiah. They obviously finish first, in this never-ending tournament sequence.

After the tournament, Belly finds out that Conrad was coaxed into asking her out by her mother, which clearly annoys her. With best friend Taylor, they head to a boat party hosted by Nicole. Here they play a revealing ‘Never Have I Ever’ game, where Taylor lets the whole gang know that Belly made out with Jeremiah. The girls are all jealous as hell and dying to hear all the gossip. Nicole dares Taylor to go skinny dipping and the whole gang end up in the water. This is all a devious scheme though and they are left stranded without any clothes. When they get out of the water, Taylor realizes that Nicole had seen a text message from Conrad which caused this betrayal. In the message Conrad explained how he wanted to take Belly to the ball all along, even without Susannah’s convincing.

The ending

Taylor and Belly walk back, dripping wet, in the dark. Belly calls Jeremiah to come and pick them up. The brothers are of course at a party, with Conrad sulking as per usual. Conrad and Nicole argue and she hands him the girls’ clothes. The brothers are to the rescue, both turning up to save Taylor and Belly in separate cars. Taylor drives back with Conrad, whilst Jeremiah takes Belly home. Taylor is furious that Conrad and his nasty girlfriend have put them in this situation. Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Belly pull over and kiss once again. It’s a clichéd but sweet moment, with Belly saying how her heart is pounding in her chest. She finally invites Jeremiah to the ball and all is well in the world, or so you would think.

As you have come to expect with The Summer I Turned Pretty, that’s not the end of the matter though. Conrad messages Belly and they meet up by the water’s edge once more. Conrad states how he can’t seem to act normal around Belly and he hands her the infinity necklace as an apology. She rejects him, saying it’s too late. This is progress for Belly, who has somehow managed to get all the boys wrapped around her finger. She has made a mature decision for once and chooses Jeremiah in another consistent episode. This may not be for everyone, but the show has improved over its initial run, heading now towards a dramatic and emotive finale.

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