Story recap – what happened in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 17, 2022 (Last updated: May 4, 2023)
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Story recap – what happened in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1 - amazon original series

This is a story recap of the Amazon original series The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1 and contains spoilers as it details what happened.

The Summer I Turned Pretty tells the story of fifteen-year-old Belly and her eventful summer vacation at Cousins Beach, where she hopes to fall in love. The series focuses on her romantic endeavors as she finds herself in a love triangle with two brothers, Jeremiah and Conrad. The teen struggles to choose between the two boys, all the while preparing for the debutante ball. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in each episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty season one:

Story recap – what happened in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1?

Episode 1 – “Summer House”

Belly, her mother Laurel and brother Steven drive to Susannah’s beach house for the summer. Belly’s one wish this summer is to kiss her first crush, Conrad. She believes things will be different this year, as she has grown up a lot and best friend Taylor thinks Conrad will definitely notice her. At the summer house, Belly’s family are reunited with Susannah and her two sons Jeremiah and Conrad. Belly sneaks out that night and joins the other teens at a bonfire party. She argues with Conrad who is kissing Nicole, gets into a tussle with Steven and is accidentally hit in the face by a stranger. Belly meets Cam and they kiss. The police turn up and escort the teens back home. Laurel is furious.

Episode 2 – “Summer Dress”

Susannah suggests Belly joins the debutante ball this summer, so they go on a shopping spree in preparation. Jeremiah and Steven start their new jobs. Belly goes to the country club for her first day of debutante training. She is sat with Nicole (Conrad’s girlfriend) and Shayla (Steven’s girlfriend), who drink alcohol from a hipflask. Cam asks Belly out on a date. Susannah throws best friend Laurel a party to promote her latest novel. Laurel talks with rival writer Cleveland. The teens skip the party and crash Belly’s date, trying to embarrass her. She gets them to leave and kisses Cam again. Shayla invites Steven to the ball, he accepts. Belly argues with Conrad about ruining her date.

Episode 3 – “Summer Nights”

It’s Belly’s sweet sixteen and the gang hand out presents to the birthday girl. Still bitter from last night, Conrad lies and says he has forgotten to get Belly a present. Belly goes on her first driving lesson and picks up Taylor from the station. Taylor wants to hear all the gossip and tries to persuade Belly to attend a party that night. Taylor notices Belly has already changed. Conrad teaches Cleveland about sailing. At her birthday meal, the boys try to embarrass Belly in front of Cam. They all go to Nicole’s party and Jeremiah sings karaoke to Belly. Belly finds Taylor kissing Steven upstairs and argues with her best friend. Taylor calls Belly self-absorbed. Belly finds Conrad’s present in his drawer, it is a beautiful necklace. Steven asks Belly not to tell anyone about hooking up with Taylor. Taylor heads home. Susannah tells Laurel that she is not going ahead with anymore chemotherapy.

Episode 4 – “Summer Heat”

The fathers come to the summer house for the Fourth of July celebrations. Belly’s dad John arrives with young, new girlfriend Victoria. Jeremiah and Conrad’s dad makes a surprise appearance, but argues with Susannah. She doesn’t want him at the party. It is revealed that he cheated on her and she wants a divorce. Victoria makes margaritas and Belly gets extremely drunk. She tells Shayla that Steven kissed Taylor and then Belly flirts with Conrad. Conrad admits that he got her the necklace. Shayla confronts Steven about the kiss and they agree to their relationship just being casual. Belly accidentally trips Susannah and destroys the celebratory cake. Laurel and Susannah discuss end of life care, but get into an argument. Laurel storms off and gets drunk at a bar where she sleeps with Cleveland. Steven and Shayla make up. Conrad and Belly go to kiss, but Jeremiah distracts them with a firework that nearly hits them.

Episode 5 – “Summer Catch”

At the country club they practice the debutante ball waltz. Belly still hasn’t got an escort for the ball though. Jeremiah turns up in his lifeguarding shorts and dances with Belly. Conrad and Belly are texting each other, excited to meet up later that day. Nicole is unaware of all this. Susannah and Laurel make amends, then decide to get stoned on edibles. Cam takes Belly on a romantic date, but she breaks up with him. Steven is promoted at work and gets a rather large tip from some poker players, who end up being racists. Conrad tells Belly he can’t be with her. Laurel hooks up with Cleveland again and Susannah kisses a stranger in a bar. Belly and Jeremiah go night swimming and kiss.

Episode 6 – “Summer Tides”

Conrad confides in Cleveland about his mother’s cancer. Conrad asks Belly to the ball, she says she’ll think about it. Taylor arrives for the volleyball tournament fundraiser. She wants Belly to choose Jeremiah over Conrad. At the tournament, Taylor fakes an injury and partners Jeremiah and Belly. They start to lose and Belly substitutes Jeremiah for Conrad. They win the tournament together. The girls attend Nicole’s boat party and play Never Have I Ever. Taylor tells them that Jeremiah and Belly kissed, which makes everyone jealous. They all go skinny dipping, but ditch Taylor and Belly, leaving them without any clothes. This is revenge after Nicole found out about Belly and Conrad. The brothers pick up the girls and drive them home. Conrad and Nicole are over. Steven loses all his savings in a poker game. Jeremiah and Belly kiss again. She invites him to the ball. Conrad hands Belly the necklace, but she says he’s too late.

Episode 7 – “Summer Love”

Steven tells Shayla that he can’t afford a tuxedo, she gives him her dads. Conrad wishes Belly good luck and she kisses Jeremiah before leaving. Steven sees them kiss and argues with Belly, then Jeremiah. Belly drives to the country club to get dressed for the ball. Susannah is emotional at the ball, stating this might be their last summer together. Jeremiah and Belly are announced in front of the room and have their photographs taken. The waltz is about to take place but Jeremiah goes missing. He has discovered his mother has cancer and is heartbroken. Conrad dances in Jeremiah’s place with Belly. Jeremiah talks to Conrad about Susannah, but realizes Conrad already knew. They have a fight on the dance floor. Susannah splits them up and is informed that everyone now knows. Back at the summer house everybody cries. Belly realizes how selfish she has been. The brothers convince Susannah to try the trial treatment and she accepts. Belly and Conrad kiss on the beach.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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