Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, part 1 – do Denver and Youn Misun get together?

June 24, 2022
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This article, “do Denver and Youn Misun get together,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix K-Drama series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, part 1.

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Money Heist loves romances, despite most of the plot being about a massive bank robbery that could go wrong at any minute. But I suppose with all the tension the characters have to go through, it’s no surprise that some of them feel hot and heavy for each other to relieve the tension. If you are aware of the original Money Heist, then some of these romances will not come as a surprise to you. There’s love in the air in season 1, part 1, as the heist heats up.

One of the focal points is the heist team member Denver and the bank worker Youn Misun (representing the counterpart character Mónica Gaztambide from the original series). Misun is not in a good way in part 1. She’s pregnant with the child of the vice director of the Mint, Cho Youngmin (representing the counterpart character Arturo Román from the original series). However, she’s essentially a mistress, with Cho Youngmin seemingly giving her hope that they can be together properly one day. However, he isn’t convincing at all. Youn Misun never looks certain around Youngmin, and the vice director puts her in a lot of danger early on when he asks her to grab a smartwatch so they can contact the police.

Youn Misun is caught with the smartwatch by Berlin. He takes no prisoners and asks Denver to execute her for the betrayal. However, by this point, Denver has formed a connection with Misun, and he can’t go through with it. They fake her death together; Misun lets Denver shoot her in the leg so there’s blood, convincing Berlin that she’s dead. Of course, later on in part 1, it’s revealed that Youn Misun is alive.

Do Denver and Youn Misun get together in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, part 1?

Yes, they do, but the future of their relationship is uncertain. Whether it’s a relationship or not yet is also not entirely clear. Denver continues to care for Youn Misun, replacing her dressing to look after her wound. The sexual tension between them continues to increase all the way up to episode 6, and then it happens; a raunchy, steamy sex scene. Interestingly, there appears to be a lot of care and tenderness between them that strongly suggests it’s more than just sex. It’s clear that Misun has noticed that Denver is a caring good man, despite being part of the heist.

I wonder if Youn Misun will follow the same trajectory as her counterpart character, Monica, from the original series and join the heist team? She certainly hints at it in episode 6 before she had sex with Denver. She tells him she wants to quit working at the Mint. Also, how will she deal with her pregnancy? Will she embrace it with Denver? Or will they both pass it off as “just sex” and move on? The latter is unlikely, but they will make an awesome couple if they do continue their intimacy with each other.

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