Loot season 1, episode 2 recap – “Bienvenidos a Miami”

June 24, 2022
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Episode Two picks up right where the pilot left off, but Michaela Rodriguez steals the episode with a fantastic performance. Loot’s writing is hot, and I am here for it.

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Episode Two picks up right where the pilot left off, but Michaela Rodriguez steals the episode with a fantastic performance. Loot’s writing is hot, and I am here for it.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 2, “Bienvenidos a Miami,” contains spoilers. 

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The Pilot of Loot had a lot to say to reel us in, and the big question is can they keep the momentum? Will Molly continue to try to stay on her feet? Can she help and not hurt the charity foundation? Let’s dive in.

Loot season 1, episode 2 recap

The episode opens with Molly waking up in bed to a motivational speech, followed by her putting on some music as the shades rise on her room (I want her house). She announces to her team that she is departing for her new job, and follows that up by telling them to have fun in the house until she returns.

Next, we see Molly show up for her first day at the charity foundation. Sofia is running a team meeting, and she allows everyone FIVE minutes to talk about their weekend. After the meeting is over, Molly wonders if it was three hours long when it was only an hour. Nicholas reminds her that she doesn’t have to do this, but Molly says she has to make this happen. Then, Molly gets a call from one of her friends, who lets her know she has a fragrance launch and wants her to come out to party with them. Molly does the mature thing and passes (or so we think).

The following day, Molly sends a car to pick up a perplexed Sofia. She lets Sofia know that she wants to have a bonding retreat with the entire team. Sofia FLIPS OUT but eventually caves in to her. From hot tubs to a chocolate fountain to comfortable seating, the private plane is loaded for everyone to have a good time on the trip. Mid-trip, the aircraft has massive turbulence, and everyone begins to freak out over it. It lasted two to three minutes, and they announced they had to take a pitstop in Oklahoma until the storm was over.

This is a very luxurious kidnapping.

As the group sits in the airplane hanger, Nicolas shares that they were going to Miami for the fragrance party and not the bonding retreat. Sofia again freaks out on Molly, and the rest of the team isn’t too pleased she used them to make the trip. Finally, Sofia tells her they are taking a normal plane back to LA, and the rest of the team joins her.

The ending

Molly realizes a few things as we see she sits down with her friends. First, her friend is talking about the fragrance launch at the table and even gives Molly a sample. (Molly almost throws up smelling it.) But what happens next is a reality check for her. As they are talking, her friend notices someone else is seated a couple of tables over, and she brings over the waiter to ask them to have them leave, and he lets her know that they are about to be busy. She says I will rent out this patio, and the group gets moved inside. Old Molly wouldn’t have cared, but the new Molly didn’t love that this happened, and you could see it in her eyes.

As Sofia sits down for the big meeting with the councilwoman that Molly postponed, a few moments into the meeting, Molly walks in with her delightful little charming self, which again doesn’t make Sofia too happy. Sofia was struggling before Molly walked in, and Molly took OVER the meeting in a good way. Molly compliments Sofia, talks her up to the councilwoman, and lets her know that she supports her in whatever is needed with her resources. It was the jolt this meeting required to help close the deal.

After the meeting was over, Molly apologized to the entire team for how she used them and invited them next door for some drinks after their workday was over. As she settled and waited for them, it seemed like no one would show up, but as she and Nicholas decided to leave, the team walked up, and Molly was ecstatic.

As the episode comes to a close, Molly asks each group member to break down when they realize they want to work for the foundation. Sofia tells a moving, powerful story of how she wanted this since she was 8, which blows the minds of everyone at the table. We end with a moment of Molly talking to Sofia and letting her know that she is an inspiration and that she isn’t going anywhere. I love the dynamic between these two.

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