Loot season 1, episode 3 recap – “Hot Seat”

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 24, 2022
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Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 3


Loot continues to up the ante with each episode. While Rudolph delivers, Funches and Kim Booster’s friendship steal the episode.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 3, “Hot Seat,” contains spoilers. 

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The shift in Molly’s attitude after bombing the press conference reached new heights in episode two of Loot. Will she be able to become an asset to the company? Will she and Sofia start to work together? Let’s dive into episode three.

Loot season 1, episode 3 recap

The episode begins with Nicolas surprising Molly and letting her know that he has a day full of activities for her to have a great day. He also lets her know she will be home in time for her 11 hours of beauty rest. ELEVEN HOURS! What does ELEVEN HOURS of sleep feel like? I would love to know.

The day begins with Nicolas and Molly doing some yoga, followed by watching The Notebook in her movie theater (I am jealous) and closing with a bit of badminton. Then, as she prepares for the next phase of the day, we see her ex-husband John doing a sit-down interview talking about the next step of his life. The interview triggers Molly because John mentions how hard divorce is but then follows it up by slandering Molly and how she might not be able to handle the running of the charity.

Later in the day, Molly shows up to work and wants to address the “elephant in the room,” obviously talking about the interview. The entire team shows their support for Molly and says how wrong John was. Molly informs everyone that she has taken interviews with EVERYONE to hit back. However, Sofia is worried because Molly is not prepared to talk about the foundation. So they take a break from work to get her ready for these interviews.

Sofia has made color-coded binders, cards, and brought in many files for Molly to go over. As Molly is reading over the stuff, Arthur realizes that she has been reading the files from a distance and shares his glasses with her, and now she can see.

Howard is having relationship issues as his 8th anniversary has arrived. He wants to impress his wife Tonya and has reached out to Nicholas for help. Nicholas reluctantly helps but also seems to like the attention. We are back to Molly, getting tested on her knowledge and passing the first test. Next, we are back to Nicholas, who is out having a few drinks when he gets a call from Howard, who is having a crisis. I do love that we are getting some more of the characters involved in the series. So often, shows forget to include them or give them meaningful stories that make us care about them (I am talking to you, Minx).

We hear that Howard is freaking out because their waitress is Danielle. We find out that Danielle is Tonya’s cousin with whom Howard went out on a date while he and Danielle were on a break. Nicholas snaps at Howard and says to stop calling him and that his time away from the office is sacred. An upset Howard realizes they are just co-workers and lets him know that he will delete the number.

We are into the night as Sofia pops by Molly’s because she is freaking out over Molly’s interviews and what she might say. I really like Sofia’s character and her interaction with Molly. The writing is excellent, but I give a lot of credit to Michaela Rodriguez. She is slaying this role.

We move back to a mopping Nicholas, who is still out with his friends but looks sad. Then, finally, he excuses himself to make a phone call, which we all know is to Howard. He tells Howard to tell Tonya the truth about everything. If she doesn’t accept that, it is on her.

He might be an asshole, but he is definitely not dumb.

While Molly shows Sofia around the house, they step foot in John’s old office. We have a little moment between Sofia and Molly which triggers them to move back to what they are there to do. While we know that Molly seems okay, she is still struggling with all of what transpired.

The ending

Molly is nowhere to be found on the morning of the meeting, and Sofia is FREAKING OUT. After a trillion attempts of calling her, Molly finally picks up and informs her that she has canceled all the interviews. While they are on the phone, Molly tells her that it was John’s thing (the interviews) and can’t compete with that. However, she plans to go on one show, and we find out it is Hot Ones (the show with Hot Questions and Hot Wings).

Things aren’t going well for Molly as the wings ARE HOT — shocker, right? Molly is drunk, and now Sean hits her with a HOT question, and it sets Molly over the edge. Things get worse as she threatens Sean and has some choice remarks about her, her lifestyle, and John. All of Sofia’s concerns are happening in front of our eyes. Honestly, this was probably my favorite scene of the show so far. Maya Rudolph is doing incredible work as Molly.

Back at the office, Nicholas gets a text from Molly asking how many people he thinks have seen her video (everyone is the answer). Next, we see Howard walk up to his desk and thank him for all his advice as it has helped his relationship and gave him a little gift. I love the moments between these two.

As the episode is coming to a close, Molly reads the hateful YouTube comments on the video as Sofia has arrived. Molly is prepared to take a tongue lashing from Sofia, but Sofia apologizes because she believes she had a helping hand in sending her over the edge. We get a nice little bonding moment between the two to further this friendship which is vital moving forward.

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