Loot season 1, episode 7 recap – “French Connection”

July 22, 2022
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The show’s writing continues to hit its stride as Joel Kim Booster and Ron Funches’s bromance is hands down the best on TV.

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The show’s writing continues to hit its stride as Joel Kim Booster and Ron Funches’s bromance is hands down the best on TV.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 7, “French Connection,” contains spoilers. 

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We had a huge episode of Loot last week. Molly ran into her ex-husband John as she was set to receive the Philanthropic Humanitarian Award. Things didn’t start well but her team made her realize she is on the right track. Is she finally on the right track? Let’s dive in.

Loot season 1, episode 7 recap

The episode begins with Molly giving a speech to a crowd about an art center for the underserved community. Then, she brings a young dance group to the stage. We see them invite her onto the stage, which goes about as funny as you think. While on the stage, her new beau Jean-Pierre we met in the last episode shows up to say he wants to take her out to dinner. Molly is quite smitten by him as she is full of sweat trying to talk to him.

Back at the office, they are having a round table discussion on his interest in Molly. She believes he only wants to work in a business relationship, and most of the crew think he wants to get down with her. However, Howard suggests that something deeper might be going on, so the team starts to do what any regular friends would do, search the internet. Nicholas is wheeling and dealing, ensuring she has an outfit for every occasion for her date.

Next, Howard heads over to Nicholas’s desk to give him a present for landing the part in the play. Nicholas, obviously appreciative but also saying he didn’t have to do it, opens the gift, which is books about acting and Randy Quaid’s tweets being printed out (LOL). Howard tells Nicholas he needs him to return the favor and meet his girlfriend tonight.

Arthur walks into the office to ask Molly something, but she is flustered because she can’t figure out what to wear. I still feel like there is something here that might flourish at some point. Until then, I’ll be sad that they are going on dates with other people.

Molly arrives at Jean-Pierre’s place. When she walks inside, Jean-Pierre slides out from under a pump he is trying to fix and tells Molly he’d hug her but is full of grease. A bad joke by Molly (she said she was full of grease, too) leads to an awkward but funny moment. He tells her he needs a few minutes to clean up, and they can have their meeting.

At dinner with Howard and Nicholas, his wife arrives and SNAPS on Howard because he liked a girl’s Instagram post where she had not a lot of clothes on. Howard tries to explain he is a good follower and likes everyone’s stuff, but she doesn’t care and Nicholas tries to excuse himself, but she tells him to sit down, that she wants an audience. I am dying of laughter right now.

We learn more about Jean-Pierre and how he rejected his family’s wealth and wanted to build his own fortune. He explains how he wanted more until his grandfather passed and asked him to look over the family’s name. Next, he tells Molly he had no business being on her side of town and just wanted to see her. They go outside to have a glass of wine. Jean-Pierre’s mansion is INSANE, and they sit down to drink wine, which overlooks these massive moments.

We head back to our dinner, where Tonya (Howard’s wife) is still giving him the business about liking that Instagram post. Nicholas is eating and trying not to say much but reminds them they are on strike two with the Manager. She interrupts him and asks if he is taking his best friend’s side, but Nicholas stops and says he is on her side. He explains how he shouldn’t be liking other girls’ posts. Howard is shocked, but Tonya lets him know he likes him.

We move back to our wine date(?) with Molly texting Nicholas, saying that this might be more in line with a date than she thought. Jean-Pierre comes back with a bottle of wine that is “special” but lets Molly know that he isn’t getting her drunk. After a few compliments, Molly feels herself, and this is the moment Jean-Pierre’s girlfriend arrives and makes this entire thing WEIRD.

The ending

We are onto brownie martinis with Nicholas and Tonya, and they are bonding over some gossip. Howard chimed in, asking if he gets one, and Tonya said no because that is his punishment. So Howard excuses himself to the bathroom leaving these two alone. Nicholas talks up Howard and says that the “next step” is right around the corner, and Tonya follows up by asking if he said anything about a proposal. Nicholas says no, asks if it would be so bad, and she hits him with, “I’m not marrying Howard.” Tonya said he isn’t marriage material. Welp, Nicholas is now in a tough spot.

We see the language barrier has confused Molly (and us) when Jean-Pierre says that this woman is his partner. So Molly calls Sofia to do some research on who this woman is. Sofia hunts down her Instagram to find out she is married to a model. Molly might still be in the hunt after all. The duo returns to the table and bursts Molly’s bubble when he says they have a proposal and follows it with this why we brought you here. Poor Molly.

Arthur stumbles into Sofia’s office to try to do a check-up on how Molly’s date is going. YES! I knew it. Arthur and Molly are meant to be, dammit.

We see Howard pull into the driveway and tell Nicholas that he really saved him tonight. But, before Nicholas gets out of the car, he breaks the news about what Tonya said at dinner. Howard FLIPS, says he can’t believe he would lie to him like that. Next, Tonya is on the phone while they are in the car, and Howard asks her if she said any of it, and of course, she says no. Finally, Nicholas gets out of the vehicle, and Howard tells him they aren’t friends anymore. NOT MY BROMANCE! What is this show doing to me?

The episode comes to a close with Jean-Pierre escorting Molly out and talking about having a conference call next week. Molly is riding in the car, upset until Jean-Pierre pulls up on his horse, and she makes the driver stop the vehicle. He confronts her and says they could do great business together but felt a connection with her and wanted to find out if she felt it too (DUH!). As she is blabbering, Jean-Pierre comes in for a kiss!!! (RIP Arthur/Molly)

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