Loot season 1, episode 8 recap – “Spades Night”

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 29, 2022
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“Spades Night” had some highs, but overall the episode felt more like a filler episode that advanced a few stories.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 8, “Spades Night,” contains spoilers. 

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We are coming off a whirlwind of an episode of Loot. Last week we saw Jean-Pierre and Molly kiss after a whirlwind of a dinner/business meeting. Our favorite duo of Howard/Nicholas had a falling out after Howard’s girlfriend Tonya told Nicholas that Howard wasn’t marriage material. When he told Howard, he didn’t believe him and said they were no longer friends. What happens next? Let’s dive in.

Loot season 1, episode 8 recap

We kick off with Molly and Jean-Pierre sitting down and having dinner when Jean-Pierre says he got Molly a little gift. He gave her a strawberry Kit-Kat that is only made in Japan. I want a strawberry Kit-Kat. He wants to meet her family, but Molly doesn’t have a great relationship with them, even with them living close to her. Things have gotten spicy between the duo.

We see Howard on the phone with his woman, and when Nicholas sits down, he has to move because he doesn’t want to sit next to a snake. Nicholas brings up Taylor Swift, and when they called her a snake, it only made her stronger. Maybe I like these two fighting like two school girls more than them being bros because this banter was great.

Molly arrives with sweets to make up for being late. Sofia calls her out and says she’s been gone for four days (HAHA). Next, Ainsley brings up how it’s in the air because Arthur told her about the romantic weekend he has planned with Chelsey. Ainsley also mentions that she is engaged, and nobody cares because they want to hear more about Arthur’s trip. Next, Molly brings Howard to a meeting to find out how the cousins are. She asks about Renee because they haven’t spoken since missing her wedding. This is when we learn about Spades Night and that Molly wants to drop in and say hi.

Howard picks up Molly and gives her the rundown on everything that has happened with the family. What each person has been up to, what moves they are making, and more.

We move back to the office where flowers have arrived for Sofia. Nicholas and Arthur are pretty suspicious of who they are from and want to snoop on the card. The letter says, “to my dearest Fifi, I crave your touch.” and Sofia arrives right behind them to ask who the flowers are for. She looks at the card, picks it up, and storms away, and we hear her say on the phone, “flowers, really, you are going to have to do better than that”. Well, we got ourselves a bit of a mystery with Sofia now. The duo is unable to take their eyes off Sofia on the phone.

Knock, knock, Molly and Howard have arrived at Spades Night. Renee isn’t exactly thrilled to see her, and there is plenty of tension. However, as they walk in, the rest of the family is happy to see her. Molly brings out the picture of her and Renee from when they were kids (Howard gave it to her), and things get really weird. Molly calls out Howard, saying he gave it to her, but he denies it (HAHA). Howard decides he will bail on Molly, leaving her alone to fend for herself.

At the office, Nicholas and Arthur pretend to be working as they watch Sofia in her office yelling on the phone. Nicholas was trying to read her lips, and it failed miserably. Arthur mentions he has to pick up his daughter at her friend’s house, but a few minutes later, a man shows up named Tony to talk to Sofia. Next, Arthur calls his daughter to tell her she must stay at her friend’s house. I love this show’s writing so much.

We see Molly trying to get on Renee’s good side by blasting some music to get Renee to dance with her as they used to as a kid. It worked, as the duo share a bonding moment. Now we are back in the office, with Nicholas and Arthur watching Tony and Sofia have words, with Nicholas failing to attempt to read their lips again. Finally, Arthur figures out that they are speaking in Spanish, and he is an expert. So Nicholas continues to read their lips, and they think Tony said, “you broke my heart.”

Quick note, Joel Kim Booster is continuing to dominate 2022. First with Fire Island, following with his stand-up special on Netflix, and now this? My goodness, nobody is hotter in Hollywood right now.

Things at the house are going good as Howard arrives, and he is certainly happy about that. However, everyone starts to poke fun at home, and it’s hilarious that it’s more of a dog pile on Howard moment. Renee is so happy that she is going to get her seven-layer dip for everyone to eat. Next, Tony leaves Sofia’s office, and she walks out and tells Nicholas and Arthur good night, and Nicholas is NOT ALLOWING her to go. He wants all the details of what happened.

The ending

Renee returns from the kitchen with her seven-layer dip, and Molly has a new table for them to play spades on waiting for her (Molly moves fast). She is not pleased one bit about the table. Renee snaps and says she is trying to throw her money around to buy them off because she hasn’t been around. Next, she announces Spades Night is over and walks out. Howard says he will go in and tell Renee she was not right for saying the things she did.

In the office, Sofia is about to spill the beans as Nicholas pours her a glass of wine. Sofia confirms there is a LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!! What, this is super exciting (Nicholas is equally as excited). She breaks down the good and bad of either relationship. Arthur says she will pick the bad boy of the group because the good guy never wins. Nicholas, on the other hand, said she should pick Tony. Sofia gets up and leaves without divulging who she plans on picking, and Nicholas is not thrilled.

We see Howard breaking down how Molly has changed and needs her to understand that she isn’t a bad person. Molly walks into the room to tell her the story of why she missed Renee’s wedding and about finding text’s on John’s phone, and he decides to take her on vacation to get her to forget about it and deny the cheating. Renee understood and wished she had just spoken to her about what had happened.

On the ride home, Molly thanked Howard for standing up for her and said he was proud of her for what she was doing. Then, Sofia returns to the office to tell Arthur that sometimes the dependable guy gets the girl and thinks he has more of a chance than he thinks. Of course, this puts a massive smile on his face. Next, Jean-Pierre sends a text message letting Molly know he got her another gift.

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