Loot season 1, episode 6 recap – “The Philanthropic Humanitarian Award”

July 15, 2022
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Episode 6 reminded us that this show has a ton of heart blended with some well-timed comedy.

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Episode 6 reminded us that this show has a ton of heart blended with some well-timed comedy.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 6, “The Philanthropic Humanitarian Award,” contains spoilers. 

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The last episode of Loot saw a ton of moving pieces with Howard and Nicholas trying to hook him up with an online dating profile, but Arthur ends up asking a girl out on his own. Molly runs into her old friends that aren’t very friendly anymore and causing her to get banned from the Halsa. Will Molly be okay with Arthur dating? Will the foundation get the city council vote? Let’s dive in.

Loot season 1, episode 6 recap

The episode kicks off transitioning from a food shelter to an LGBTQ youth center to Ballet Moderno, with each of them getting an email or call with some exciting news. Next, we move to the local news, where they are reporting that over 150 local organizations received surprise donations from Molly. Last, we move to the office, where everyone cheers on the huge news.

Nicholas walks in with the massive news that Molly will receive the Philanthropic Humanitarian Award. Sofia questions whether or not they should go, but obviously, everyone looks at her side-eyed, and she finally agrees to go to celebrate their hard work.

Next, we move to Molly trying on outfits with Nicholas. Nicholas is buttering her up with compliments while she gives parts of her speech to him. I love these two, but Joel Kim Booster is a name to remember. He is having a year with Fire Island, and now this, I love it.

Everyone begins to arrive at the massive red carpet party, a black-tie affair, and everyone is dressed up. Arthur and Howard are together, and Arthur spots someone he adores in Martin Streamler. Howard does what Howard likes to do and goes up to Martin to introduce Arthur to him, and he is terrified. Arthur struggles mightly with the entire conversation.

Molly and Sofia anxiously wait to get a drink at the bar when a man walks up and makes them some martinis. We find out that it is Jean-Pierre whose family owns the vodka they were drinking, and he was a huge philanthropist. It’s a funny little moment as both women are drooling over him, and they didn’t make it into a more significant thing.

Molly heads to the lady’s room and runs into her ex-husband’s new lady, Haley. She is stuck, not sure what to say or do at this moment. As she struggles with words, John arrives and does what John does and makes this worse. Molly throws a couple of jabs at Haley and storms away. Molly heads back inside to tell everyone John is here. After John walks inside, Molly says she can’t do this and says she is going to leave.

Nicholas reminds her that John is only there to fluster her and gain control over her. Sofia and Nicholas talk her into coming back in and being a BOSS in front of the crowd. Molly approaches the table, praises them both, and gets pictures with them all. An AMAZING moment that she slayed.

We move back inside, where everyone is enjoying their dinner. Molly gets a text from John out of the blue to meet up with him. He apologizes for everything and tells her that what she is doing with the charity is fantastic. He slides in, “Haley is a bit jealous of her.” At this moment, John couldn’t resist throwing a shot at her, which sets Molly off. John tells her that he made some calls and suggested they would give her the award. HOLY SMOKES.

The ending

After the night’s events, Howard is starting to question his relevance in the world and his plans in life. I love these characters getting their own time to shine and even second guess the things they have in life. It humanizes them, makes them relatable, and gives us something to root for.

Nicholas storms into the hallway, looking for Molly since they are about to give her the award. He reminds her that her speech is excellent and she looks beautiful. Molly tells him that she wants him to enjoy the night and that she will leave soon. Nicholas says, “she’s not coming back,” and the team walks out to find out where they are all going with her. What a cute little moment.

The host announces they will give the award to Molly, who has left the building or wait, has she? Instead, Molly runs into the room and provides a KILLER speech, leading to her giving the award to her team. As the team heads to leave and go to Dave & Busters (LOL), Jean-Pierre stops her to say she wants to work on the project with her.

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