Loot season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: August 12, 2022
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The finale was the icing on the cake for what was an incredible first season of Loot. They left us wanting more for when the show returns.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 10, “The Silver Moon Summit,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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We have reached the season finale of Loot and we’ve got plenty of storylines for us to unpack today. From Molly and Jean Pierre’s relationship to Molly’s relationship shifting in a bad way with her team to the chance that everything might fall apart for the foundation. Let’s dive into the season finale.

Loot season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

The episode kicks off with Sofia in her Uber heading to the airport. Her driver confronts the fact the homeless on the street need to “get off their asses and get jobs,” which infuriates her, and she gets out of the Uber mid-ride. I am sure a little plant of the seed reminding Sofia of what she is doing will come up later.

Next, the team arrived at The Silver Moon Summit location, which is GORGEOUS. Molly gives them a rundown of everything they can do, and they all seem excited. After the little speech, Molly pulls Nicholas aside to apologize again for missing his performance. Nicholas reminds her that he loves her and could never be mad, but we all know he is lying deep down.

We see Arthur, Nicholas, and Howard having a drink when Howard brings up his freedom after his breakup with Tonya. Nicholas says breakups can be messy (She took the tires off Howard’s car, HAHA). Arthur mentions that he broke up with his girlfriend, which was met with not so exciting response from the pair. Nicholas called him the living and breathing version of an Oliver Garden breadstick, and I am not sure a better line has ever been written on TV. But, of course, we all know Arthur is in love with Molly, and anything else he says is a lie.

Jean-Pierre is showing off the stage to Molly with Sofia in the background. While Molly is going over what she wants to do, we see a visibly displeased Sofia going with the flow and Molly not realizing it. The boys have ventured more into the garden sections of the estate. Arthur has another moment which leaves Howard and Nicholas confused about what is going on in his mind.

After Sofia wanders off, Molly goes to chase her down to run her speech by her. Instead, Molly confronts her about what’s wrong, and Sofia wants her not to do the presentation. She lets her know that this isn’t part of the big picture and that they are needed back home. Sofia fires back and says Molly has soaked up in a relationship again and is blinded by it. Molly says she isn’t surprised she is judging her because nothing she could do will be good enough. Then also mentions that Sofia will never like her, and nothing about that will change. Molly ends it with it being her money, but Sofia returns with her knowing it’s her money and knows it doesn’t matter what she says. OOOOOH, I have been waiting for these two to come to blows, and what a moment we got indeed.

The three amigos are now on horses by the beach, and Arthur decides that they should race on them, which leads to two seconds of him riding and being thrown off the horse. Another moment where Arthur says a bunch of strange stuff where Howard again confronts him about being weird this entire trip. He yells out that he is in love with Molly and doesn’t know what to do. Howard and Nicholas comfort Arthur, and Nicholas lets him know that someone like him would be good for Molly.

The Summit has begun, and Jean-Pierre is on the stage where he introduces Molly. Molly slays the presentation, but the water machine doesn’t work as expected when the water comes out looking as bad as it did going in. Nevertheless, she commits to the presentation and drinks water, which is SO GROSS. We see breaking news across all outlets mentioning how bad the presentation was and how awful these billionaires look now because of it.

A noticeably missing Jean-Pierre enters the bedroom, where he asks Molly how she is feeling. He doesn’t know what happened and is unsure what they can do to fix it. Finally, he lets her know that he has to go out of town, which suddenly makes Molly realize that she has been making the wrong decision the entire time.

The ending

The team is gathered, trying to figure out where Molly is. Sofia had a note sent to her room where Molly told them she was walking away from the foundation and would continue to help them with her money but would no longer be a bother to the team. As Molly is set to take off on her plane, Sofia confronts her and lets her know things haven’t been as bad as she thinks they have been. The two have a real bonding moment that sparks Molly’s idea to fix it all.

We see a couple of people on the stage at The Summit, and Molly arrives after applause from the audience. First, she apologizes for being late and has a chair in her hands to be seated with the group. Then, Molly delivers an incredible speech about how the billionaires on the stage should be the last people talking about how to change the world. During her speech, she announces that she will give all her money. In a decisive moment for Molly, she finally realizes what she could bring to the table.

As the season comes to a close, the team meets her with massive praises and love after her speech. She promises Nicholas she will never miss another one of his performances. They have a new goal, get Molly from $120 billion to zero. The night has only begun as everyone is drinking rather heavily. Howard has an emotional moment telling Nicholas he can do anything, which leads to Arthur confronting Molly. After a few moments together, we move to the following day when Molly wakes up, and we presumably think she slept with Arthur. She opens the curtains, turns around, and says things got pretty crazy last night, and a man rises out of bed, and IT WAS JOHN, her ex-husband. WHAT IN THE WORLD JUST HAPPENED. THEY CAN’T END ON THAT!!!!

We know right now that Loot has been renewed for a second season, but my goodness, one of the best-unexpected cliffhangers I’ve seen in quite some time. When you think you know where things are going, the writers throw us all for a loop—what an incredible season finale.

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