Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 5 recap – assassination attemp

June 24, 2022
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Money Heist is a brilliant story, and the remake supports that notion.

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Money Heist is a brilliant story, and the remake supports that notion.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

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The story is intensifying. The penultimate chapter produces a knife-edge as the heist team gets desperate while the police work with conflicting plans. Money Heist is a brilliant story, and the remake supports that notion.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens showing Seon Woojin in a custody battle with her ex-husband in court. Her ex is an abuser, but it’s tragically complicated because he’s a strong presidential candidate. He tells the press that the accusations of domestic abuse are a lie. It then gets worse for Seon Woojin as her daughter calls to say her grandmother has gone missing. They find her at a park and Woojin’s mother does not remember anything. Seon Woojin wants her to see a doctor, but her mother tells her they should “hang on” so she can remain a key witness in her custody trial. Woojin’s life is in such a spin at this stage of the story.

Episode 5 moves to the present; Seon Woojin opens up to The Professor about her woes. The pair then hook up and have steamy sex. Meanwhile, Cha Moohyuk is informed by his director that the robbers wanted Seon Woojin to be assigned as a negotiator, and there are suspicions that she is a traitor. They put pressure on Cha Moohyuk to use his agent inside the Mint to bring down the heist.

Cha Moohyuk radios into his agent and tells him to assassinate The Professor. He then prepares an armed police team to go inside the Mint in 12 hours to “arrest or kill” the heist team. He tells his to keep the operation a secret, citing that there’s a traitor amongst them, referring to Seon Woojin.

The heist team returns an alive and well Youn Misun to the hostages, and they applaud. Nairobi tells them they have no intention of hurting anyone and that they should forget the period when Berlin was in charge. This is Tokyo’s time.

And there’s a strange love triangle happening in episode 5. Cho Youngmin tries to make amends with Youn Misun, but she isn’t reciprocating. Denver interrupts their conversation to change Youn Misun’s dressing. He takes her to a private room to give her first aid. Youn Misun tells Denver that she’ll change the dressing herself from now on. The tension is clear; they have feelings for each other.

Back at work in the tent, Seon Woojin calls The Professor. The topic moves to food, as Seon Woojin suspects they are low on it. She offers food to regain their trust, and a colleague scolds her for it.

The undercover police officer finds Anne Kim amongst the hostages and asks about The Professor. She doesn’t know who The Professor is but offers to help find out. She takes him to Youn Misun for more answers, and they discuss it in the bathroom.

But then, Cho Youngmin barges into the bathrooms, believing that Youn Misun is sleeping with Denver, but he learns there’s a police officer amongst them and has to play it cool without raising suspicions. The policeman hides in the cubicle as the commotion is investigated, but they get away with it. Youngmin is clearly an idiot at this stage. He has no idea how to contain himself.

Seon Woojin suddenly has a lightbulb moment; she knows The Professor isn’t inside the Mint and is operating outside due to his answers on the food; the breakfast he described would not be possible inside the Mint. The Professor can hear this commotion (Cha Moohyuk’s phone is bugged), and he’s in shock. Cha Moohyuk is unsure of Seon Woojin’s theory but agrees to track down a suspected car that they’ve found on the CCTV that is possibly linked to the heist team. She wants nearby junkyards searched.

The Professor calls Olso and asks if he disposed of the car they used as part of their heist planning. It’s clear that the vehicle car wasn’t dealt with properly. Meanwhile, Seon Woojin finds a location of interest, a junkyard. The Professor heads to the junkyard. The police are heading to the same place.

Meanwhile, Cha Moohyuk is readying his team to attack the Mint. The Professor has to fight the men at the junkyard as they do not want to negotiate. He finds the suspected car to remove the DNA evidence.

As part of the plan to take down The Professor, the policeman kidnaps Denver so he can get information from him. Cho Youngmin interrogates Denver while the police officer strangles him. Cho convinces himself that The Professor is Tokyo.

In the Mint, the fire alarms go off, and Rio isn’t sure why. The undercover policeman has set them off. Cha Moohyuk is confident his plan will work. Youn Misun finds Cho Youngmin beating up Denver and stops him. She tells him she doesn’t have a romance with Denver and points a rifle at Cho. Denver manages to get up and kick Cho Youngmin to the floor. Youn Misun frees him, and Denver warns that Tokyo is in trouble.

The ending

Rio finds Berlin having a seizure on the floor, so he frees him. However, Berlin had him fooled, and he chokes him out.

As Tokyo is about to enter a trap, Denver shouts at her that they need to call The Professor. A gunshot is heard, and Cha Moohyuk receives an update — The Professor is not inside the Mint. Meanwhile, The Professor tries to escape the junkyard with the car with the police surrounding him.

What an explosive ending, hopefully leading to an explosive finale.

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