Loot season 1, episode 5 recap – “Halsa”

July 8, 2022
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While this might not have been the best episode to date, Nat Faxon has his best episode with a strong performance.

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While this might not have been the best episode to date, Nat Faxon has his best episode with a strong performance.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 5, “Halsa,” contains spoilers. 

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After the strongest episode to date, can Loot keep its momentum? Last week was highlighted by Molly and Arthur helping each other but leading to a line drawn in the sand. Howard and Nicholas continued to be the best duo in TV and the foundation got a huge push from the city council. Let’s see what goes down in Episode 5, “Halsa”.

Loot season 1, episode 5 recap

The episode begins with Arthur waking up and starting his day with some coffee (same) and oatmeal. While eating, he looks up and sees that painting, which he throws in the trash. I am sure that was MASSIVELY expensive. He sits back down and stares at the now empty wall and, having a change of thought, runs outside before the trash truck grabs the trash can and pulls it out. He hung it back on the wall, but he put it in the closet only a few moments later.

I mentioned the music, but I LOVE the show’s opening theme. It is a great vibe and one that I refuse to skip over.

Arthur goes to get some coffee in the breakroom, and he sees Molly when he goes to leave, but she tells him to stay. It is a highly awkward moment between the duo. However, I like where this is going between these two because we know there is a spark.

Sofia and some of the team realize they made some mistakes on some of the contract details, and she is freaking out. In comes Molly to save the day and let them know it is time to take a break. Sofia, like always, doesn’t want to leave, but Molly tells the team to get ready and go out.

My favorite duo of Howard and Nicholas are on Tinder, swiping right and left for potential dates for Nicholas. Howard lays down some good advice to Nicholas about dating and tells him to reel it in a little. Arthur decides to eavesdrop and asks if he can go to lunch with the duo. They let him come with them but told him to keep his thoughts to himself.

Molly takes the team to Halsa (I love when they drop the title card in shows/movies). Sofia mentions she needs to get back to the office, and of course, Molly tells her to shut up and relax.

We move back to the duo + Arthur, who is at lunch together, and Arthur decides to order a beer to be cool. Howard and Nicholas question what is going on with him and why he is acting so weird. We move to the ladies who are relaxing at the Halsa together. Sofia apologizes to Molly for how she acted and agrees that this is a much-needed day.

Nicholas is freaking out at lunch because it is the worst grilled cheese he has ever had after Howard told him it would be the best. Howard then remembers that this wasn’t a good grilled cheese place, and Nicholas is not thrilled. Howard mentions that it’s where he and his woman got sick one night for dinner, which Arthur follows with “It is nice going to dinner with someone else,” and the duo starts to question what is going on with him. Arthur gets a bit morbid by saying he understands it’s much closer to the end than it isn’t (Howard has a line about the Fast and Furious franchise, which wins my heart even more). Arthur then asks for some advice from the pair. Nicholas decides he is going to set him up a dating profile.

Back to Halsa, the ladies are getting their feet rubbed. Molly is missing and has been missing for a bit of a while. Sofia is concerned and goes to look for her. Next, Arthur initiates a conversation with a lady at the bar (cute little moment). Back to the spa, where we heard yelling cause Molly decided to throw one of her old friend’s stuff in the hot tube, HAHA. The Halsa rescinds her membership and asks her to leave.

The ending

Arthur comes back to the table to inform the duo he doesn’t want the dating profile. Nicholas is mad, but Arthur says he doesn’t feel comfortable lying about all those things. Chelsea, the girl from the bar, walks up and says she is free for dinner next week. Nicholas and Howard FREAK OUT because he asked her out IRL (In Real Life).

Molly apologizes to everyone over lunch about freaking out and getting them kicked out of Halsa. Molly realizes that she didn’t even really like her old friends and is changing so much since the divorce. Sofia reminds her that she is just getting started. They remind her that there are tons of fish in the sea for her.

As the episode comes to a close, the ladies return to the office, and the men are SHOCKED because they had a few drinks during lunch. Arthur, who can’t keep a secret, admits that the boys had some drinks and were scared, but Molly told him that the girls had a few themselves. Howard then mentions that Arthur asked a girl out IRL, and Sofia freaks out as everyone is shocked that he did it IRL. Molly weirdly high-fives him over it.

In the closing moments, we see Molly open her phone up and think about texting Arthur, and we move to Arthur, who answers a text back from Chelsea. Molly decides to put her phone down and eat her dinner in peace.

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