Loot season 1, episode 4 recap – “Excitement Park”

July 1, 2022
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Joel Kim Booster and Ron Funchess continue to thrive as a dynamic duo as Loot continues to be a fun dramedy to keep up with.

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Joel Kim Booster and Ron Funchess continue to thrive as a dynamic duo as Loot continues to be a fun dramedy to keep up with.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 4, “Excitement Park,” contains spoilers. 

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The first three episodes of Loot clicked for me on so many levels, and I am hoping that we continue down a good path. We saw Molly’s life flash before her eyes from a high-profile divorce to losing her mind to trying to find herself in a charity foundation. Will she be able to finally help Sofia run the organization? Can she keep her mouth closed and stay out of trouble? Let’s dive in.

Loot season 1, episode 4 recap

The show kicks off with us following two people at an amusement park getting ready to ride a ride. The guy is SUPER nervous about going on it, and next thing you know, they are stuck upside down in mid-air on the ride. Next, we cut to our team at the foundation, who are watching the entire thing unfold on the news as they have been upside down for seven hours. A few moments later, the news reports that Molly owns the park, and in storms Nicholas to stop her from hearing it hopefully, and he doesn’t make it in time.

We move to Molly and Michaela, discussing that Molly got half of the businesses in the divorce, and Excitement Park was one of them. Michaela is prepping for a big meeting for the foundation and hopes they haven’t watched the news. Have I mentioned how much I love the music in this show? They spent some coin to get some of these, and I am here for it.

Next, our good pal Arthur walks into Molly’s office after doing all the research to see which businesses she owns. Then, the two are off to do some investigative work surrounding one of the businesses. They share such cute little banter without each other. I love the moments we get between these two and expect it to be explored more romanticly at some point.

I am excited as we continue the buddy friendship between Nicholas and Howard. Nicholas is freaking out over what is happening at Excitement Park. Howard stumbled across something that was Nicholas’s on the printer, and Howard confronted him about he was an actor. Nicholas tells him that he researches acting still but gave it up to work for Molly.

As Molly and Arthur vet the museum, we head back to Howard and Nicholas, where Howard discovered an old Axe Body Spray commercial that Nicholas did. Howard makes him run through the script he printed off. Nicholas knocks the scene out of the ballpark, and Howard is blown away.

Sofia is at the big meeting, and things are going well, but then they bring up Molly, which scares Sofia at first, but they mention how her work has been quite admirable. The comments floor her. Back to our cute couple wandering around another business, an alpaca farm that John bought her because he missed a dinner with her. They share a moment about Arthur’s life post-divorce.

Back to Howard and Nicholas practicing more lines, I LOVE THESE TWO. Howard pumps up Nicholas and tells him he needs to audition for the part. Look, we know that the show is about Molly, but the development of other characters is vital to make a show a success, and what they are doing with these two is BRILLIANT. I can’t credit the writers enough for being aware of this.

We move back to the meeting, where the group is ranting and raving about Molly again. They talk about how they blame John for her ongoing issues with the amusement park, how she is handling herself well, and that she is fantastic. Sofia, still very confused, obviously get’s behind the idea of Molly being great and takes advantage of their thoughts to make the project move forward.

The ending

Molly heads back into the office to talk to Sofia. Sofia lets her know that they got all passengers off the ride with zero injuries. Sofia mentions that the city council is putting their project in for a vote. Molly asks what changed, and Sofia is honest that she made it happen. She mentions that people are really rooting for her, and Sofia says she is too, which Molly runs with by calling them new BFFs.

The tabloids are running a story after seeing Arthur and Molly together at the soccer game. Howard has a line here about her having all the money that she can have any Hemsworth, and they’d even make a Hemsworth and put Gosling’s head on it, and I DIED LAUGHING. Molly announces to the office that they aren’t dating and nothing is going on between the two.

Molly invites Arthur to her office to further discuss what is going on, including laying down the law a little bit about making sure they keep it professional. Molly has a mature moment, and although it might not be what she wants right now, she knows it’s essential for the foundation. Upon coming home, a package is on Arthur’s front door, and it is the painting from the museum that he liked. He smiles but also is slightly sad at the same time.

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