Blasted review – an innocent game of laser tag turns into an alien invasion

By Romey Norton
Published: June 28, 2022 (Last updated: January 21, 2023)
Netflix film Blasted


A wounded Sebastian, the childhood prodigy laser tag champion, is taken away to the famous Hessdalen for his stag do, that leads to them fighting little green aliens. 

This review of the Netflix film Blasted does not contain spoilers. 

Netflix has released the Norwegian sci-fi action-comedy film Blasted, which is the story of Sebastian and his friends who meet for a game of laser tag for Seb’s Stag Do. Their game is interrupted by an alien invasion but luckily, and ironically, the aliens’ weakness is lasers. This story is based on a real-life UFO event that happened in Hessdalen, Norway. Sounds crazy, right? And it is. This film is two hours of intense insanity. It’s captivating, entertaining, and hard to believe it’s based on a real event.

Blasted is directed by Martin Sofiedal and the screenplay is written by Emanuel Nordrum, who makes his feature film writing debut, and good for both of them. This film is fun, cheesy, with a packed, crazy story with good acting and decent CGI work. Not to be taken so seriously, this film is a watch the whole family can enjoy. 

The blubber-looking aliens take over humans and turn them into zombie-like creatures, with glowing green eyes. As the group battles through it’s down to Seb and his laser tag high school champion friend to save the day. The exploding green aliens reminded me of Slimer from Ghostbusters, and the master monster alien at the end reminded me of some sort of Boo from Monsters Inc hybrid with Jabba the Hut. Inventive, crazy creatures, but not enough to scare kids (I don’t think.) Stakes are high towards the final battle scene and we are given a playful, joyful ending. 

To say the film is lengthy at just under 2 hours, there is a good pace to it and I wasn’t left feeling bored and waiting for something to happen. There is a good level of intensity and intrigue and like all good sci-fi films, the enemy is right in our faces with a confusing reason as to why and how to stop it (that’s usually how I interpret them anyway). We get a small insight into Norwegian culture, comedy, and some of their histories which hasn’t really been seen before. 

Overall, this film is a very good watch. The storyline is fun, and whether you believe this could have happened, I’ll leave that up to you, but I certainly won’t be visiting those woods anytime soon. I’d recommend it if you’re into sci-fi films, action and adventure films, and if you’re looking for something easy and entertaining to watch. 

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