Physical season 2, episode 5 recap – “Don’t You Want to Watch”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 1, 2022
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The blackmailing subplot provides some juicy drama, but this show continues to trundle along slowly.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Physical season 2, episode 5, “Don’t You Want to Watch,” contains spoilers.

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In episode four, Tyler revealed to Bunny that he had some incriminating material on Sheila. “Don’t You Want to Watch” opens four months prior, explaining how he came to own such tantalizing information. Episode five pushes the narrative forwards, with Sheila pitching her infomercial ideas, whilst Tyler and Bunny put their blackmailing scheme into action.

Physical season 2, episode 5 recap

The flashback opening focuses on John Breem, the scandalous Mormon and business magnate, as he drives into his reserved parking spot at the mall. He takes the escalator and finds himself transfixed by a CCTV camera. The realization sinks in straight away, the night before he was caught publically engaging in some very private matters. He races to the security department and asks for the saucy tape, making up some lie about potential thieves. The bumbling security guard also lies, stating that they forgot to load the tape in the first place. John relaxes, telling the security guard to be more careful next time – disaster averted.

Back at Tyler’s house and the very same security guard plays the actual footage to his surfer friend. This incriminating evidence catches both Sheila and John up to no good, complicit in an affair. He shows the VHS tape to Bunny and she’s overjoyed by the prospects of this outrageous videotape.

Sheila herself has fully recovered from her surgery now and is off to meet with Auggie to pitch some new ideas to her boss. She informs her husband Danny of this important meeting, yet the politician really doesn’t care. He’s more concerned about daughter Maya’s future prospects, with her signed up to join the Little Cadets. The daughter now favors Danny over mommy, since he became unemployed, and Sheila can’t help but see Maya’s future playing out like her own.

Auggie doesn’t buy into Sheila’s vision and feels threatened by the ideas she pitches. Sheila wants to sell equipment, clothing and cookbooks, all promoting her own lifestyle brand. She mentions Vinnie Green as a prime example, whose infomercials Auggie is very aware of. He’s not a fan though, hinting at Vinnie’s sexuality in a negative light and repeating that they are a family business, over and over. Sheila oversteps her boundaries in her eagerness to succeed and Auggie hastily reminds her that she signed a contract with them. They practically own her and she owes them everything. He brings up her medical issues costing the company a fortune and tells Sheila to just stick to the plan. That’s a big fat no then.

Danny is disappointed by the Cadets group and tells Wanda that they shouldn’t have let the cute kid be interviewed. Wanda concludes that Danny’s just jealous and quite the narcissist, as she suspected. John meets up with a man on a boat, alluding to his desires to divorce his wife and runaway with Sheila. Bunny and Tyler stalk John’s wife at the mall, watching as she buys countless items, but then breaks down crying by her car. Bunny and Tyler feel sorry for the woman caught up in this suburban nightmare but stick rigidly to their plans.

The ending

Greta and Sheila meet with Vinnie and persuade the man to go to lunch with them. Sheila asks how he transitioned from tape to TV and he gushes about going it alone, although with the help of his trusty business partner and lover. He says you must control everything, own your name and own the business. Sheila worries about the contract she’s signed into and Vinnie offers her a job as one of his sales partners.

Sheila returns home that night to find Danny and Maya throwing knives, of course. Shortly after, Bunny and Tyler pay her a visit and make their demands. Sheila thinks they’re bluffing but Bunny makes it very clear, pay them twenty five grand or they’ll send the tape to everyone. She has one week to decide. Will she pay them the ransom or find some devious way out of the predicament?

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