Physical season 2, episode 6 recap – “Don’t You Have Enough”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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A superior episode of Physical, brimming with drama and some delicious character studies.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Physical season 2, episode 6, “Don’t You Have Enough,” contains spoilers.

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Sheila found herself in a dire situation thanks to Tyler and Bunny’s blackmailing shenanigans at the end of last week’s episode. She had to choose between paying the couple twenty five thousand dollars or face her illicit sex tape going public. In episode six, “Don’t You Have Enough”, Sheila makes her final decision on the matter and re-evaluates her entire life in the process.

Physical season 2, episode 6 recap

Danny picks up his daughter from preschool at the start of the episode. He’s now the preferred parent, with mom off at work all the time. He jokes about saying yes to any and all of Maya’s whims. She wants a mermaid and a rainbow, as well as a hamburger. Danny says how they only eat veggie burgers though, after Sheila stopped them from eating red meat. Maya says her mother once ate three hamburgers in a row. The father presses Maya to tell the truth, but in his heart he knows it is so. A little slow on the uptake, Danny finally sees that Sheila has an eating problem and tries to help.

Tyler is growing ever more paranoid and Bunny is guilt-ridden due to their extortion plans. They worry that Sheila is going to fight her way out of this one (like she always does) and escape without any consequences. With their guilty feelings continuing to eat away at them, they decide to visit a local church, even though they’re both non-believers.

With only two days to go, Sheila lets John in on the blackmailing fiasco. He’s angry about the tape getting out and talks of secrets destroying his own family in the past. His father committed suicide because of a dark secret in his personal life and John doesn’t want to go the same way. John throws in a curve ball and suggests that they let the videotape go public. He sees this as the perfect opportunity for them both to run off into the sunset together, to start afresh. Sheila says she will have to ponder this life-changing decision. John asks her to entertain the idea for one day at least.

It’s Greta’s birthday and the two couples go out to a swanky restaurant for a meal. Danny notices that Sheila has eaten very little, it’s all adding up now for the husband. Sheila gifts Greta an expensive handbag as a birthday present and then the couples retire to Greta’s hot tub after dessert. This sexual duo have been hinting very strongly at swinging over their long friendship together and tonight Greta boldly makes the final advance. Danny and Sheila quickly decline though in an awkward exchange.

Back at home and Danny finally broaches the touchy subject, explaining how he’s read up on anorexia and bingeing. Sheila storms off, denying any wrongdoing. Danny says he just wants to help her and that he’s worried about his wife. The fitness guru cries alone in the bathroom and then meets with John for another hotel rendezvous. Does she spike Danny’s drinks with sleeping pills or something? How does she always manage to escape unseen?

The ending

Sheila demands the ransom money from John, rejecting plans to runaway with him. It’s her turn to take charge. The handover goes to plan, but Sheila is anxious of a possible copy of the videotape being in circulation. Tyler says you’ll just have to trust us. The episode then ends with two major twists. John stares in at his baby in an incubator and Sheila posts a VHS tape to Auggie. These tantalizing final scenes bring up many questions and keep viewers hooked in to future instalments. This was a superior episode for Physical that highlights the show’s potential. Great character studies and plenty of drama.

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