The Terminal List season 1, episode 6 recap – “Transience”

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 1, 2022
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The sixth episode of The Terminal List may have the best performance of Chris Pratt’s career.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1, episode 6, “Transience,” contains spoilers.

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The Terminal List season 1, episode 6 recap

Reece tells them they might hear something about him in the next few days. He then tells his in-laws, “Lauren and Lucy were my light and everything. I would never do anything to harm them.” He tells him he is taking a trip and needs to make things right. His mother-in-law replies, “You do what you have to do.” The scene then cuts to the San Diego FBI chasing Reece in his car, and he loses control of his SUV because he ran over some railroad spikes. When Reece opens fire, the FBI returns it. When they check out the SUV, he is gone. However, James left some items— including his medication, to help manage his cancer symptoms. 

Reece escapes through the woods and finds shelter in a park ranger station. He has been shot in the shoulder, and he begins medical care. He also realizes his medications are still in the car as the headaches return. The police and FBI are looking for Reece, but he is lucky because he becomes the frogman and quickly moves around because of the rain. While hunkered down, he crosses Steve Horn off and adds three names — Pillar, Cox, and Howard. 

While trying to escape the FBI and SEAL Team Six search unit, Reece runs several times. He is pinned down on a cliff, he could have taken Tony or his men out but decides not to do so. He leaves a bullet, signaling them he had a shot but did not take it. They assume he jumped or double-backed, but we see Reece scaling the mountain and working his way down. He loses his grip, falls, and takes one of the worst tumbles I have ever seen. His lower back hits a sharp rock, and then his body does a couple of 360s and hits the ground — I would have bet the house he broke his back or would be paralyzed from this fall, but he walks it off. 

Moving on, we have an episode that tugs at the heartstrings. James has two hallucinations. One while sleeping in a cave and with it raining, he falls asleep with a walkie-talkie in his hand. He dreams of listening to his wife sing their daughter to sleep with the baby monitor on. Reece asks if she needs help. He tells her to tell the kid how brave and strong she is, just like her momma. He then awakens hearing Tony’s voice. Reece was talking into the hand radio the entire time. Tony talks to him for a bit, but the gist is that James Reece will not rest until everyone responsible for killing his family dies. 

The other hallucination is he walks into an abandoned store, and it is raining inside the store. There are glass windows, and that damn Starling knocks into the window and now is dead at his feet. He looks up, and his daughter runs to the window, asking if the bird will be alright. Reece places his forehead to the window as if he wants to connect with his daughter one last time. It’s an emotional and gut-wrenching scene and may be one of Pratt’s best performances. 

As he tries to escape, he sees a drone has found him. He sets up C-4 charges, and once the team catches him, he holds up his hands and tells them not to come any closer. Well, one, Mac (Christina Vidal) doesn’t step back enough because she refuses. So, he sets them off. This causes a landslide and takes them both down to the river bed. Reese comes out of it alive and finds Mac’s hand sticking out of the ground. He pulls her out, performs CPR, and then escapes. 

The ending

James makes it back to Liz at the hanger. She flies him up and helps mend his wounds. She gives him the talk about how performing all these murders will not bring his family back. They get over the drop zone, and Reece does a header out of the plane. Liz looks back, and he is gone. The last thing we see is Ben sitting in a beach chair outside his van on the beach, drinking a cold beer. 

He then sees Commander James Reece walking out of the ocean, alive. 

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4 thoughts on “The Terminal List season 1, episode 6 recap – “Transience”

  • July 3, 2022 at 10:03 pm

    The best show out right now

  • July 5, 2022 at 6:02 am

    HRT not DevGroup

  • July 12, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    GREAT SO FAR! With the exception of the Rock Climbing fall ???. I must have watched that scene at least 10 times, frame by frame.
    I was a little surprised this was not caught by a sober Editor. It is beyond fantasy that he would just walk away from this. With that said, thus far it is not enough to deter me from continuing the Series. Also, Thanks for the Good Read!?

  • July 22, 2022 at 6:18 am

    Was great up to this episode 6.

    – Fall from cliff too much to walk away from.
    – Rock / mudslide too much to walk away from (if just mud maybe but watch the graphics as it happens – rocks / boulders too)
    – Then miraculously he’s basically fine again when skydiving
    – Oh and the scene where she’s giving him the talk in the plane about no amount of killing will bring his family back – she’s just continuously patting his bullet wound with a white pad. It’s ridiculous. When just before he could barely walk.

    This director and editor (and show runner for letting this episode get indulgent, sloppy and carried away – becoming totally unrealistic and joining the rest of the fantasy crap out there) should all be shot.

    I shall continue watching to see what happens but this episode has crushed for me what was a great series. Plus I see the director for this undisciplined mess – someone called Sylvain White – is also the director of the last episode – episode 8. So I’m braced for similar directorial sloppy / indulgent disappointment. What a shame.

    I really thought this was a series which was going to have the integrity to stick firmly within the realms of reality. And would win based purely on its own merit. As a consequence of great, super smart writing and directing. But no. Once more us audience fail to be given such respect and the mind numbing fantasy crap is once again churned out. All because the writer, director, editor and show runner are just too lazy, incompetent or both to win without cheating.

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