Maggie season 1, episode 12 recap – “The Fortune You Seek In Another Cookie”

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 6, 2022
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Maggie draws closer to the finish line by dropping a bomb that will change everything for all involved. The episode is lightly comic and another showcase for Rittenhouse.

This recap of Hulu’s Maggie season 1, episode 12, “The Fortune You Seek In Another Cookie,” contains spoilers.

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Maggie season 1, episode 12 recap

Maggie has not regained her psychic abilities and it has been a week. She tells Angel she is still seeing clients, which I am guessing is an ethical issue within the mystical community. She performs a reading for a regular customer, an older man who wants to know if he should retire. (Yes, next question). Maggie, though, still could not see anything when she attempted a reading. She asks to hold his day planner. He quickly tells her the woman he drew a picture of on the inside is not her. (It would have been funnier if she opened it and there was some picture — either a perfectly detailed one or a stick figure with the name “Maggie” across the top). She must reschedule, but the man leaves her with this thought: Does she know what happens when a racehorse loses its edge?

Her reply is laced with denial on how they get better and better than ever. Her depression continues at Amy’s wedding menu tasting. When Maggie asks how she likes the food, she says she cannot tell if anyone at the reception will like them. Of course, Dave and Amy just wanted to know how everything tasted. They move on and sniff the food when Amy lets Jessie see she is now her maid of honor. Why? Mindy was dropped because Amy wouldn’t let her kids come to the wedding.

The following scenes have Maggie running into her ex-boyfriend, the young Saul Rubinek look-a-like, Daniel. I’m not going to lie, Daniel has rubbed off on me, but then Maggie sees him again, and he breaks her heart. She explains that she has lost her visions and saw him, which must signify that Maggie is meant to be with him. Daniel has a look of sadness. He tells her he feels like she is still searching for signs about her future instead of just knowing what she wants. Maggie tells him that is not true, and he walks up, then walks away.

Maggie heads down to Ben and Jessie’s place to be videotaped for Amy and Dave’s upcoming nuptials. Jessie is interviewing Maggie’s parents, so it will just be her and Ben. (Nothing, of course, could happen between them now talking about love and being alone together, right?). In a lovely scene, she tells Ben about her life, not necessarily the camera. Even without her visions, she explains, it was her getting in the way of her love life, not her abilities. She tells him she will use this opportunity to find out what she wants and then, with a slight pause, looks at Ben, and with “who”? Maggie ends by saying she hopes Amy and Dave keep living in their hearts, not their heads.

The ending

Meanwhile, Jessie talks to Maggie’s parents, and Jack tells the camera how they never had a love language like young people today, who also think about their options too much. Like a game of musical chairs, the music will stop, and no alternatives will be left for them. Maria then points out how brilliant Jessie was because staying with Ben could not have been easy. Jessie, confused, asks what does she mean? Maria, being clueless, says how she moved into the apartment complex when Ben and Maggie had their thing before she got back together with everyone’s favorite history teacher. So, the only other tip Ben could possibly get to make a move would be Maggie standing on an airplane runway and a couple of guys with flashing lights waving them in her direction.

If you have not caught on yet, Jessie had no idea.

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