Maggie season 1, episode 13 recap – the ending explained

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 6, 2022
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Maggie ends its uneven and charming run on a high note with a satisfying episode that is not so much a glimpse of the future as deja vu.

This recap of Hulu’s Maggie season 1, episode 13, “Things End Where They Began” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Maggie season 1, episode 13 recap – the ending explained

The night before Amy and Dave’s wedding and the festivities have begun. At the rehearsal dinner, Maggie, Louise, Angel, and Ben are taking shots of tequila, and none of them know Jessie knows what Maria told her about Maggie and Ben’s history. (They hooked up when they were on a break, and Maggie broke it off because her vision had Ben marrying Jessie). He tells them Jessie left him a message that she is going to her mother’s. Unfortunately for Ben, this is usually when she is mad at him.

Jessie finally shows up and is giving Ben the cold shoulder all night. During a toast at dinner, everyone clinks their champagne glasses together. When Maggie reaches her glass over to Jessie, she intentionally gives her the same shoulder she gave Ben and leaves the room. After ignoring her mother’s calls for days, Maggie follows her into the bathroom. She should have picked up the phone because Maria tried to warn her, she had disclosed information about their tryst. She ignores her when she enters to check in on her. Maggie asks again, saying she is honestly worried about her. How does Jessie reply? “Maggie, there’s nothing honest about you.”


When Jessie returns to the table, everyone asks for a speech from the maid of honor, and she does. It is a pointed one, however, aimed at Ben, all about honesty and being left in the dark. Dave, oh loveable dumb Dave, starts praising her speech, not realizing what is going on. Amy stops him and tells him she knows about Ben and Maggie. Jessie hears this, and this is embarrassing for her. Jessie had no idea she was the only one not in on the juicy gossip about her. Despite Ben explaining this happened when they broke up, Jessie leaves the room.

On the day of the wedding, emotions are high. Amy now must do her own hair because her maid of honor is nowhere to be found. Maggie finds her, however, at her place, where Jessie is packing up for good. She is moving to her cousin’s house. I dream of Maggie offering her rival a jar of olives because she could not find an olive branch to give her. She begs her to say, but the girl who lives below her is sick of waiting for Ben to make up his mind.

The other problem remains that Maggie still has not gotten her visions back. Even after the lives have stopped and the stress of hiding, everything is out in the open. As I contended before, I believe her visions are a way for her to be guarded against relationships because of her history of being unable to have one growing up. Here, they may return when Ben has made a concrete decision, which means if he officially chooses Jessie or Maggie.

When our girl gets ready for the wedding, the most depressed best man in the world sits in the complex courtyard. The visionless psychic heads out to talk to him. Maggie tells Ben the truth about all her visions and says she saw Ben and Jessie getting married and that they looked happy. She leaves, and Ben walks away, flipping his coin. Now, I have two exciting thoughts after this scene. For one, Maggie keeps telling distorted views of her visions. Jessie looked unhappy wearing her dress on her wedding day. Number two, if nothing, while Maggie has visions, they are never in the proper context when she first sees them. At some point, you would think she would figure that out and let nature take its course.

The ending

Moving on, the day of the wedding, to her credit Jessie shows up. Sitting across from them are Louise and Maggie. Ben walks Amy down the aisle to the big, dumb, loveable Dave. When Ben hands her off, he sits next to Jessie, who puts her hand around him. We then see she is wearing an engagement ring. The girls are happy. The wedding is beautiful. Maria and Jack cry, with the latter blowing his nose into his handkerchief. When his wife holds out her hand, Jack hands it to her, and she uses it to wipe her tears of joy. (These two are hilarious). The season ends with Ben giving Maggie the coin, and when she touches it, her visions return.

The vision has Ben at the alter with Jessie, but then Maggie is in the wedding dress. The scenes toggle back and forth until it ends with our blonde mystic. Yes, just like a coin flip. Her jaw drops open, and she knows everything is going to change. And we, as the viewers, know she is not the best psychic, and Angel needs to tutor her on how to interpret visions. In the voice of Jerry Seinfeld, Maggie knows how to see the visions. She just does not know how to interpret them.

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