Maggie season 1, episode 9 recap – “You Will Help Someone Take A Chance”

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 6, 2022
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Maggie continues to be uneven, being preoccupied with exploring Maggie and Ben’s connection through a storytelling tool that is becoming stagnant.

This recap of Hulu’s Maggie season 1, episode 9, “You Will Help Someone Take A Chance,” contains spoilers.

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Maggie season 1, episode 9 recap

This episode has Hulu’s favorite psychic, Maggie, at a crossroads. Her business is not exactly generating a line around the corner. Maggie’s storefront has no sign and sees dozens of people walking in thinking her office is either a copy center, hair or make-up salon, a payday loan, or just wondering what it is in the first place. Her day gets a bit brighter when Ben shows up. He finds an old coin and asks Maggie to read it for him. All she sees is someone flipping it so they can see if it lands up heads or tails. Later in the show, they discuss when Ben has trouble making decisions. That’s when she flips the coin for him. Instead of revealing what side it landed on, she asks him what he wants. (In this case, when choosing a flavor of frozen yogurt).

When visiting her mom, Maggie finds out that her mother used to play in a band but gave it up to raise her daughter. She threw away her dreams and took a job being the receptionist at Jack’s medical office. Instead of making music again, she decides to take up tarot card reading and quit the family business. This way Maria and her daughter can have an unstoppable one-stop shop for psychic services. (I would give anything for Psych‘s Sean and Gus to do a crossover with Maggie at some point). The fact is that Maria is driving Maggie nuts. She interrupts her sessions, redoes the office with frightening dolls, and when Maggie walks around filling the room with calming clairvoyant scents, her mother follows her around with Febreeze.

Meanwhile, Louise is set up by Amy and Dave with their new gardener from Portland. (For some reason, that is a big selling point for everyone involved). Amy tells Louise the guy offers options. He can be a roommate or boyfriend. When she meets him, he is tall, in shape, and has a full head of hair. She immediately places him in the relationship zone. However, the rent is so expensive that she needs a roommate. Louise decides she will decide based on his vibe. If he says something attractive, like Mufasa in The Lion King (as she tells Maggie, she loves his power), she will offer wine, if not sparkling water. When he tells her he has a perfect credit score, it becomes harder to decide.

The ending

So, when he takes his shoes off when he arrives, she offers water, but quickly, like Jesus, turns that into wine when he takes his jacket off. Let us say, like Ben. She cannot seem to decide. Most of you might say try a scoop of both, but Louise wants to figure it out on her own. And she does, by jumping him. After they finish hooking up, they talk about what to decide. Suppose they should be roommates or have a personal relationship. They will say whatever they are thinking at the same time on three. Unfortunately, he says roommate at the count of two. Louise points out that they already hooked up, and he cannot live there. So, they go with the latter.

Even though Maria is cramping Maggie’s style when Ben comes back to thank her for the reading her mom runs a tarot reading on Ben. She sees a love triangle in her future, which scares Maggie. She interrupts the reading, and Ben leaves. She tells Maria this has to all end because it is driving her crazy. When she gets back to her place, Ben is there. He tells her that even though his parents can be annoying, he would give anything to spend time with his father again where he was driving him insane. Maggie then has a vision of Ben, who is flipping the coin, and he is trying to make a life-changing decision.

The episode ends with Maggie apologizing to her mother and they make up. Maggie also adds a storefront sign that reads, “Psychic Readings by Maggie.”

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