Maggie season 1, episode 10 recap – “A Mysterious Invitation Awaits You”

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 6, 2022
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Viewers will enjoy this episode of Maggie with whacky characters, a fun subplot, and some quality writing as the show begins to shape Maggie’s struggles for the viewer.

This recap of Hulu’s Maggie season 1, episode 10, “A Mysterious Invitation Awaits You,” contains spoilers.

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Maggie season 1, episode 10 recap

In this episode of Hulu’s latest sitcom, Maggie and Angel are invited to an exclusive party of the mystic community. It is the psychic event of the season. The others have a couple’s dinner where Ben and Jessie go to Amy and Dave’s for dinner. Louise tags alone and, depending on how the night goes, will rotate, being the third wheel for either couple. The group feels so bad for Louise, who describes her dating history as a carousel that keeps going, and every time it goes around, there are fewer qualified candidates on the ride. Both couples team up to find her the right man. This turns into a photo shoot because Louise’s pictures are either blurry or are with farm animals.

Jessie and Amy want her to go for the female governor look, I assume that is Sarah Palin-esque, and update her profile. What makes this scene even better is when they start to swipe and find Ben still has a profile on this app. Ben tells Jessie that he created it the last time they broke up. He made one but forgot to delete it. He explains he deleted the app and not the account. The account includes pictures of Ben cuddling with a St. Bernard puppy. Jessie copes with the shock and starts to swipe for guys and has a conversation with them. One, she insists he is a great guy because he writes in on his profile, but she ignores the fact he also includes fit girls only.

At the same time, Angel and Maggie enjoy the gathering of the mystic elite. They announce a game where they have hired an actor to play one of them, and everyone gets a chance to guess who. As Maggie makes her way around the room, she keeps talking to endless people gifted with clairvoyant abilities but who are a mess in their personal lives. One man takes bubble baths and listens to audiobooks about hating your mother. Another spends time on bus benches creeping the normal folk with her stories. Maggie even meets a woman who, as she reads her, talks directly to Maggie in her vision and threatens her life.

The ending

Angel and Maggie are having the time of their lives, but things take a turn for the sad and depressing. Maggie finally finds the actor, who begs her not to tell anyone because he only gets paid if no one guesses he is the mole. So, he throws her under the bus and tells everyone she is the fake. Now, what might be a testament to how wrong every person is at honing their psychic abilities, her community of people then turn on Maggie. She wants to leave the party and calls her friends, who invite her over, but they make it a point not to ruin their fun and games by seeing the future.

Maggie feels like she does not quite fit in anywhere, not with the mystics and not with her friends. She then heads home to visit her parents. Needing comfort, her mother was worried about her and was badgering her with questions. Jack pulls Maria aside and explains she must be tender and non-threatening at this time. He even coaches her on treating her like a cat by offering her a treat. The technique works, and Maggie lays her head on her mother’s lap as she talks about her struggles and even Ben.

At that moment, Maggie finds comfort and joins her parents on the couch for a cuddle session and watching some television.

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