Story Recap – what happened in Maggie season 1?

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 6, 2022
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This is a story recap of the Hulu series Maggie season 1, which contains spoilers as it details what happened. 

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The freshman season of Maggie is based on a short film of the same name by Tim Curcio. It is an uneven season that has some delightful quirks and is a rare female-led sitcom with the majority of the main cast being women. The highlight however is the breakout turn by Rebecca Rittenhouse, who plays the titular character, who is often living life stuck in her head than rather in her heart.

Story recap – what happened in Maggie season 1?

Episode 1 — “Things Begin Where They End” 

Maggie is a psychic and meets Ben. She reads Ben and sees they both fall in love. Maggie, a loner by nature, runs away from him because the thought of a relationship scares her. However, after a chance encounter, she meets Ben again, and they spend the night together. The following day, while holding Ben’s hand, she sees Ben marrying another woman. So, she breaks it off. The episode ends with Maggie’s parents welcoming a new tenant to the building they own. They are Ben and his girlfriend, Jessie.

Episode 2 — “A New Friendship Awaits You”   

Maggie learns that telling her clients the truth is not always comforting. She applies that same logic to Ben when he asks her if he should tell his girlfriend about their past. She suggests that they keep that in the past. Amy’s common-law husband, Dave, officially proposes, and she says yes. Maggie tries to move on from Ben’s thoughts and takes Daniel to Ben and Jessie’s housewarming party.

Episode 3 — “You Are The Master of Your Own Emotions”   

Maggie learns not to meddle with faith when she sees the future and friends making mistakes. Ben convinces Amy that Jessie will be at her wedding and do the party’s hair. Finally, Maggie moves past some of her fond memories of Ben and calls Daniel back to go on that second date.

Episode 4 — “A Dinner Guest Will Surprise You”   

Maggie continues to self-sabotage her relationship with Daniel, but the episode ends with them deciding they are in a relationship. Marie and Jack help Ben and Jessie work through some issues that have caused their multiple break ups by opening that emotional toolbox.

Episode 5 — “You Are Skilled Mentor By Nature”  

Maggie gets her first mentee so that she can become a first-time mentor. Arica Himmel (from the unfairly canceled Mixed-Ish) is a teenager with the same gifts. She takes on the responsibility of bringing Maggie and her mom, Maria, closer together.

Episode 6 — “I See A Baby In Your Future”  

When she looks into Amy’s future, Maggie breaks the rule of reading her friends by telling her what dress she will buy for the wedding. She also sees a baby in the future, but for who? What is important to know is that she finds out it is not hers, and she concludes that she wants to be in a committed relationship with Daniel.

Episode 7 — “You Will Have A Night To Remember”   

Maggie introduces Daniel to her parents for the first time. Things are embarrassing for her with her parents, who keep interrupting her before she can tell Daniel she loves him. However, things with Daniel are great until they suddenly are not. Daniel lets the cat out of the bag that he does not believe in Maggie’s psychic powers, and they break up.

Episode 8 — “Your Past Will Inform Your Present”   

Maggie tries to get over her breakup with Daniel by doing psychic readings at the prom Ben is chaperoning. The episode has flashbacks of when both Maggie and Louise attended their senior year. In high school, we also see the origin story of Angel, Maggie’s guidance counselor. The episode ends with Ben and Maggie having a dance, and he gives her a corsage that she was never gifted.

Episode 9 — “You Will Help Someone Take A Chance”   

Ben finds an old coin and asks Maggie to read it for him. All she sees is someone flipping it for heads or tails. They discuss when Ben has trouble making decisions, so when she flips the coin for him, she asks him what he wants instead of revealing what side it landed on. (In this case, when choosing a frozen yogurt flavor). The episode ends when she has a vision of Ben, who is flipping the coin and is trying to make a life-changing decision.

Episode 10 — “A Mysterious Invitation Awaits You”   

Maggie and Angel are invited to an exclusive party of the mystic community. It is the psychic event of the season, but Maggie feels like she does not fit in anywhere. Meanwhile, the rest of the group tries to find Louise a man, but they end up finding Ben on a dating app. (It was a profile that he forgot to delete). Then Maggie wants to leave the party. She calls her friends but is told not to ruin the fun if the guy they find for Louise has a future with her. Maggie, feeling like an outcast without a community, goes to her parents to feel at home.

Episode 11 — “You Will Experience A Loss”  

Our beloved Maggie loses her powers when her brain has become inundated with a barrage of visions while on a bachelorette weekend for Amy’s wedding. If I were to give my psychobabble on the situation, Maggie’s brain is overwhelming her thoughts so she can stop thinking of Ben and the visions she has of them together.

Episode 12 — “The Fortune You Seek in Another Cookie” 

Maggie’s parents, Jack and Maria, told Jessie that Ben and their daughter Maggie had a previous romantic relationship before she and Ben moved into the complex. Of course, Jessie did not know this. Maggie is using the opportunity to find out if she can live in her heart or head, by trying to take the opportunity to explore her romantic life without having her psychic abilities. Oh, she tells this to Ben, so, the only other tip he could get to make a move would be Maggie standing on an airplane runway and a couple of guys with flashing lights waving them in her direction.

Episode 13 — “Things Begin Where They End”   

Jessie finds out that not only did Maggie and Ben have a tryst during their break, but everyone else knew about it. Maggie manages to mend their relationship but tells Jessie she never fell in love with Ben and tells him she saw a vision of them being happily married. That helps Ben get over his fear of commitment and proposes to his high school sweetheart. When he gives the coin back to Maggie, her visions return, and the last picture she sees is of her and Ben standing at the altar together.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in the Hulu series Maggie season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below. 

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