Maggie season 1, episode 6 recap – “I See A Baby In Your Future”

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 6, 2022
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In the funny and touching episode, Maggie moves her relationship slowly but surely and reveals some exciting developments for the future.

This recap of Hulu’s Maggie season 1, episode 6, “I See A Baby In Your Future,” contains spoilers.

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Maggie season 1, episode 6 recap

The episode opens with a dinner with Maggie, Meg, Louise, Ben, Jessie, and Daniel. Amy has a stack of wedding dress magazines as she agonizes over the dress she will wear. When Maggie flips through one of them, she sees Amy wearing a dress on the page she just touched. Amy is relieved. Now she just saved herself from buying $400 worth of additional periodicals looking for the perfect dress. Amy shows up at her office the next day wanting to give her a reading. She will not take no for an answer, even though Maggie will not perform readings for friends.

So, Maggie breaks her own rule and reads her. She notes how pretty she looks in her dress. (Amy thinks it must be a cleanse). She went with the individual desserts instead of a cake. (Amy responds that she is not an animal). Oh, wait, Maggie sees a cake in the background (to which Amy replies, “Damn it, Dave”). Then the big vision. She sees Amy holding a baby, but then she gives it to Ben. Does Amy want to know whose kid is? Maggie then sees Ben hand the infant over to her parents, with her dad drinking out of a cup that says, “World’s #1 Grandpa,” and she then gasps. Amy’s response? “He’s ugly, isn’t it.”

Amy returns for a second reading, bringing David with her. She sees a little girl running during a party and to a parent. Her name is Rosie. However, she loses her vision, possibly because she is now emotionally involved in the outcome. Later, Amy and Dave call her, panicking, trying to decide if they should be having sex now because their baby is in their future. The more anxious they get, the hornier they are, so I think a baby is in their future no matter what.

The ending

Meanwhile, Ben and Louise go through his uncle’s belongings because he has recently passed. He is looking for the beer bottle caps they collected together. After going through boxes and boxes of junk, where Louise took most of it, including a bag of ten-year-old Bugels, he finally gave up. Except, the boombox Louise had brought contained a cassette. (Kids, this is something even before compact discs). It is a recording of Ben playing President Abraham Lincoln in a school function. The tape also recorded a conversation with his father. He and his dad talked to him about history. This is precisely why he became a history teacher.

The show ends with Angel helping explain to Amy and Dave why Maggie cannot be their psychic anymore. He explains this by using the film Fantasia on how someone can get over their head. Maggie tells them she became too emotionally involved. Amy asks her why? Maggie decides not to tell them the truth about the possible situation with the baby because they will be friends for a long time. When Maggie talks to her parents, she sees the World’s #1 Grandpa mug in his hands. She asks about it, and apparently, he just stole it from an orthodontist. Duh, right?

Maggie then picks up Daniel from the airport.

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