Maggie season 1, episode 7 recap — “You Will Have A Night To Remember”

By Marc Miller
Published: July 6, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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“You Will Have A Night To Remember” is the best episode of Maggie so far.

This recap of Hulu’s Maggie season 1, episode 7, “You Will Have A Night To Remember,” contains spoilers.

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Maggie season 1, episode 7 recap

The episode starts with Maggie and her boyfriend meeting her parents for the first time. When Maggie touches the doorknob, she sees flashes of what would happen that night. Her parents showed her pictures of her as a child with headgear on, and all the kids would scream. Jack will approach Daniel and ask what he’s doing down there while nodding towards his crotch. The police show up, and the meal is burned. When they walk in, the alarm system goes off, and they cannot turn it off. While Jack is talking to the security company, they both have forgotten the password. However, have no fear. He assures them he is not a serial killer ready to kill everyone.

Everyone meets Daniel, and they all love him. Especially the parents. Jack gets over that fact; he thought the way his daughter talked to him about Daniel, he would be at least six-two or six-three. Maria loves him because he asks, without the parents doing it first, to see baby pictures of Maggie. When Daniel is out of earshot, her mother tells her she loves him. Side note — Kerri Kenney’s superb comic timing in this scene had me snorting for a full minute. “Her teeth came in sideways. All the other kids would see her and scream. It was traumatizing, probably for her too,” when explaining to Daniel the sight of her young daughter.

Maggie replies I know the feeling. Later, Daniel gives her a gift — a necklace with a small gold cookie attached, a nod to the first time they met. If you notice, though, while she is talking about looking ahead, he makes a pointed comment about not looking to the future, but focusing on the present. More on that later.

Maggie then tells Louise that she thinks she is in love with Daniel. She tries to tell him when they are upstairs. Having a moment, Daniel will say it first when Jack walks in and sits next to them. This is when he wants to know what he has done down there. He is talking about his feet because he is a podiatrist. Then, they are about to kiss when Maria is caught snapping a half dozen pictures of them. Later, Daniel is getting some air and runs into Ben. They talk, and they have the flashback Maggie had, where she saw Ben talking to Daniel. He then tells him she must like him if she keeps him around because Maggie can see the future.

The ending

We then see the next few moments Maggie did not see. Her boyfriend feels like Maggie puts too much stock in seeing what she thinks will happen. Ben replies that, to be fair, she is psychic. Daniel makes a face and Ben notices it. He asks if Daniel does not believe in Maggie’s abilities. Daniel responds, “Come on, man, what do you want me to say?” Unfortunately, their conversation was taped because of Jack and Maria’s security system. When Maggie’s parents pull up the video to see what they told the security guard about their password, they play the video of Ben and Daniel talking for everyone to see. The only one not in the room is Daniel, who walks in with the cake right after Maggie gets her heart broken.

When Maggie walks out the door, Daniel goes after her. He clearly does not believe her, which is understandable, but her life must revolve around these visions. Daniel disagrees. And if he did not believe her, when was he going to tell her he felt this way? “I didn’t think it mattered.” “Why not?” Maggie asks. “Because I am in love with you,” is his response.

It hardly matters, because she cannot be with someone who does not believe in her, so she breaks up with him.

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