Boo, Bitch season 1 – who is Gia?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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This article, “who is Gia” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1.

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Erika’s BFF in Boo, Bitch is Gia. This geeky girl is a key member of the cast, who can always be found by her friend’s side, no matter what the situation. Gia has a large role to play in the narrative of the series and harbors a few major secrets that send the plot into totally different directions too. But who exactly is Gia and what are these dark secrets?

Who is Gia in Boo, Bitch season 1?

Gia is played by Zoe Colletti (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark). She is a kind and considerate individual, who always sticks by her friend Erika, through thick and thin. Gia worries that the teens are missing out on the high school social scene. She swipes a stranger’s phone and uncovers a senior text chain, which mentions a party later that day at Jake W’s. Gia is desperate to go to at least one high school house party before graduation and tries to convince Erika to attend with her. It takes some persuading, but the two finally crash the party. Although things take a tragic turn and Gia is killed on their way home.

Our loveable and loyal friend is then resurrected as a ghost, who only Erika can see. Gia tricks Erika into believing that she is the dead person though and together the friends try to figure out how best to attack this supernatural predicament. Gia hopes that Erika will be more fearless if she thinks she’s dead and helps the teen grow in popularity. Gia always felt invisible and unseen when she was alive, but a boy takes a liking to her in death.

Gavin is Gia’s romantic interest in Boo, Bitch, a paranormal expert, who can apparently communicate with the dead when he’s drunk. Gavin and Gia’s relationship is a rocky one to say the least, but they make out and go to prom together, regardless of the ghostly issues. Gavin is heartbroken to find out that Gia is dead and genuinely had feelings for the girl. Their romance is quite a sweet one and bitterly ironic for Gia, who was single in life and only found love once she died.

As the story spirals out of control, Gia too starts to fade in and out. The glitching ghost starts to fear she has created a monster out of Erika. The popularity has definitely gone to her head and makes Erika transform into a stereotypical mean girl. To counteract this nastiness, Gia starts to troll Erika and bad mouths her online. Erika feels betrayed by the trolling and the lies, which leads to lots of fights and arguments, further highlighting Erika’s selfishness.

Eventually Erika realizes the wrongs of her ways and she apologizes to Gia at prom. As a last good deed, Erika manages to convince the students to accept Gia as their prom queen and a photograph of the ghost is sent out to all the student’s phones. People didn’t really know who she was in life, but she will be forever remembered in death. Once everyone has acknowledged Gia and she is announced as prom queen, her spirit is allowed to ascend to the afterlife. Gia had a rough ride, dealing with her own mortality, a torrid friendship and a tragic romance. Poor Gia deserved more, although in death she managed to find peace and closure. She righted her wrongs, put her house in order and fulfilled all those niggling regrets that she had in life.

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