Who died in Resident Evil season 1?

July 14, 2022
Jordan Russell Lyon 1
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This article, “Who died in Resident Evil season 1”, contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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As the Netflix series Resident Evil is based on a video game that has plenty of action, violence, and death, there are bound to be some characters who will not make it out of the first season alive. Below is a list of all the key characters that died during the first season.

Who died in the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1?


Although Barry himself may not be a hugely major character in Resident Evil, the reveal that he is a Zero and his subsequent death is quite big. As Jade hopes to get across the channel, she finds her way to Barry and his wife Belinda. Her initial hope is that Barry can help her. Barry, however, is chained to the bathroom, having recently turned into a Zero. As Belinda is unable to let him go, she happily leaves him to rot away in the bathroom. But when Jade tries to retrieve Barry’s pocketbook, Barry rips his arms off the handcuffs and nearly turns Belinda into a Zero. Although Jade kills him before he can do so, Belinda is not best pleased.


In the first four episodes of Resident Evil, it seemed that Baxter was going to be Jade’s biggest enemy. That all came to an end, though, in the fourth episode. Although Baxter teams up with Jade so they can both escape the underground prison, Baxter meets a gruesome but fitting end when he falls into a crowd of Zeroes.


Angel is a former investigative reporter obsessed with the latest developments at Umbrella. Once he realizes that Jade is Albert’s daughter, not only does he warn her of the dangers of the T-Virus, but he claims that Albert actually died in 2009. As the season progresses, Angel proves to be too much trouble for Albert. Therefore, Albert injects Angel with a substance and ensures that Angel dies as a result.


One of Jade’s closest alliances, Amrita, is pregnant at the time of her death. After Amrita and Jade learn that the “Queen” Zero could control others through smell, Jade drags a zero from the ocean to experiment on it. Things turn sour, though, as when the Zero smells Bea, it runs wild on the ship and ultimately, and tragically, kills Amrita.


Quite possibly the most heartbreaking and shocking death on the list. A character solely from the 2022 timeline, and Evelyn’s son, Simon, aids Jade and Billie in their mission to uncover Umbrella’s secrets. But in the season finale, after Billie bites him in a rage of anger/confusion, Evelyn shoots him in the eye to prevent him from turning into a Zero.


Although it seems likely that Albert died when he set off a bomb in Umbrella to save Jade and Billie, is there a slight chance that he is still alive? Maybe! In the sixth episode, and when Jade reunites with Billie in 2036, Jade asks if Albert is still alive. And she appears quite shocked when Billie tells her that he died. It’s a strange reaction as it seemed that Jade was more than aware that Albert would have died in the bomb explosion. So had Jade uncovered information that Albert was actually alive? Maybe the second season will provide us with some answers.

And that’s who died in Netflix’s Resident Evil season 1? Did we miss any main characters? What are your thoughts on who died? Comment below.

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