Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 3 recap – behind the mask

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 15, 2022
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Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 3 recap


Things get pretty dramatic at a swanky, mythological masquerade ball, and the time might have come for Hye-seung to reveal all.

This recap of Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

Things aren’t going well for Hye-seung as of Remarriage & Desires episode 3, as in an early scene we see her idiot boss let on right in front of Min-ji that Hye-seung is working with Yoo-hui. Of course, Min-ji knows the name. Why wouldn’t she? This is the woman who ruined her father’s life, who killed him in a roundabout way, and who ruined Min-ji’s life in the process. Everything that Min-ji is currently going through — the slipping grades, the bullying — could be blamed in some way on Yoo-hui, so she’s appalled to learn that her mother has taken a handout from her, of all people. Her devastation only further fractures their already delicate relationship, and Hye-seung’s boss really does have a lot to answer for.

Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 3 recap

Incensed, Min-ji goes to Yoo-hui’s place of work to threaten her, which backfires considerably when Yoo-hui tells her that her father was a rapist and threatens to give her all of the gory details. She also sees this as an attack from Hye-seung. Of course, Hye-seung is disgusted to see how much Yoo-hui has upset Min-ji, which is at least part of the reason why she chooses to attend the masquerade ball.

Yes, this episode plays a little fast and loose with time again. Even though we actually arrived at the ball at the end of the previous episode, we flashback a little here for additional context. The secrecy around the whole endeavor is paramount since the identity of a high-ranking Super Black Level Member, the mysterious Zeus, has to be protected. Even Yoo-hui, who is bribing her account manager with Chanel bags and threatening to tell Ms. Choi about their arrangement, isn’t able to get herself any closer to him. Not that it matters anyway, since Ms. Choi has secretly swapped him with Hermes, another Black Level Member named Cha Seok-jin, since she wants to see how Seok-jin behaves around women.

The party has a lot of glitz and glamour, and even a dance-off, as Yoo-hui — looking pretty stunning, it has to be said — draws some attention to herself in the role of Aphrodite in the hopes of securing the attention of Zeus. Little does she know, though, that Zeus isn’t who she thinks, which is especially funny when Hermes, aka Hyung-ju, tries to talk to her and she curtly brushes him off. Of course, Hye-seung figures out who Yoo-hui is thanks to her tattoo and throws a little shade her way since you can’t have a swanky party without it.

Anyway, Seok-jin is Hye-seung’s ex-boyfriend who left her to study abroad without really saying anything about it, and she’s still super salty about that (there have been teases in prior episodes, but nothing major enough to mention until now.) You won’t be surprised to learn that Hye-seung, as Athena, immediately bonds with Hermes over their shared love of classic literature and the connection between mythology and gaming, which leaves Yoo-hui seething. She gets on with Hermes and she knows Zeus? This simply cannot stand! Yoo-hui manages to wrestle some attention back from Zeus by doing the whole “faking a fall” routine.

At the end of the party, Ms. Choi reels off names, and everyone comes to the front and takes off their masks to reveal themselves. When it comes to Hye-seung’s turn, she turns to face Yoo-hui and announces that she came here to tell everyone about the woman who took everything from her. Uh-oh!

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