Blood & Treasure season 2, episode 1 recap – the premiere explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 17, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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A cheesy and gimmicky start to the second season. However, it makes a family-friendly watch that could become a well-loved show with the right audience returning from the first season.

This recap of the Paramount+ series Blood & Treasure, season 2, episode 1, “The Soul of Genghis Khan,” contains spoilers.

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Blood & Treasure season 2, episode 1 recap

Present Day in Florence, Italy. Dan is inside a museum with Julia, who just happens to know the museum director. But then Lexi is also there! And Dan tells Julia that Lexi must be there to steal something, and he soon finds a tracker that Lexi was going to use to hack the museum. After Lexi tries to flee, Julia tells Dan that the piece Lexi is after was bought with forged papers. And when she goes to the vault, Dan and Lai reveal that they have been working together. Shortly afterwards, the police arrive, Julia gets arrested, and Dan and Lexi make out.

Meanwhile, in Vatican City, armed men break into St Peter’s Church. After stealing some documents and injuring Father Chuck, they make a fire symbol in the centre of the church. After hearing what went down in Vatican City, Dan and Lexi leave Florence and go see Father Chuck in hospital. Dan asks Father Chuck if he has any idea who may be behind the attack, but Father Chuck doesn’t. Dan leaves the hospital when he gets a call request from Jay Reece, but Dan puts the phone down. And when Lexi asks what Jay wants, Dan says that he doesn’t know, nor does he care. But then, one of his representatives bombards Dan and Lexi and claims that Jay knows who is behind the attack on Vatican City.

The representative reveals that the attack is linked to the soul of Genghis Khan and that Jay awaits his visit. And Dan realises that both Hitler and Stalin previously wanted the artefact in question. So, Dan decides to visit Jay in prison, Only to learn that Jay was stabbed 24 times an hour and a half ago. And it just so happens that the CCTV cameras were turned off during the attack. (And it doesn’t look like it’ll be a fake-out as Dan gets a good look at his corpse).

The ending

At Jay’s funeral, Jay reunites with Kate, Jay’s daughter, and it appears the pair have a history together. Father Chuck tells Dan, Lexi, and Kate that he may have a lead, which suggests that Vatican City has their own spies. Father Chuck then lets slip that Dan and Kate used to be engaged. Unaware that people are listening, Lexi breaks open Jay’s safe. Dan, Lexi, and Kate go to Hong Kong with their findings. After being led underground, they find a film, “Project Gray Wolf”. Lexi, however, does not want to investigate further and reminds Dan and Kate that the last time they followed one of Jay’s agendas, her father ended up dead.

When Dan spots a man following them, he warns Lexi and Kate. But a car drives straight at Kate, and after a brief scuffle, Kate gets kidnapped. A mysterious male visits Father Chuck and tells him there isn’t any Vatican intelligence. Dan and Lexi decide that they will ditch the treasure hunt after they track down and rescue Kate. From a phone placed in his jacket, Dan is told to bring in the soul of Genghis Khan, or he will kill Kate. Then comes the not-so-shocking reveal that Kate is actually a baddie.

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